Why do men like to cum in the mouth or face girls?

Why do men like to cum in the mouth or face girls?

  • Dat is a strong exciting feeling, it is very pleasant for a man to cum a girl's mouth, much more pleasant than to cum in other holes. And a hungry girl and a man can want to feed him with their nutrient sperm 🙂

  • If in porn they ended up not in the mouth or on the face, but somewhere on the chest or on the stomach, then such a phenomenon would be popular, as now banal ejaculation on the face. Therefore, this phenomenon is a commonplace stereotype. But everyone wants to try. 🙂

  • Of course, there are such lovers, but they are relatively few. And such a question may arise after viewing pornorolikov. There it is all the time. In reality, most men traditionally end up in the vagina, or, at worst, in the anus. The fact is that during ejaculation you intuitively try to quot; prisunut; quot; deeper, but with face and mouth it is very problematic and no pleasure. So, the two previously listed places are perfect for graduation.

  • Men love variety and want to try differently.

    I remember one American film with Robert de Niro, and his hero answers the question of why he needs a mistress, he can do whatever he wants with her, and with his wife ... she will then kiss his children with these lips. It seems to me that a man who loves will take care of his beloved and will not want this, except that she herself will insist on it. And few people like that.

  • Most likely, it is important for a man that his woman show how she loves his nature. Many women do it themselves with pleasure. But here it is important to have a tacit agreement. I'm not sure that a woman will be pleased when a man suddenly suddenly shoots on her face ...

  • Because a man wants to know that they love him completely, that his sperm is not against a girl. They are just crazy about it.

    This exalts a man, he is proud of himself.

    But for many girls, this option is unacceptable.

  • As it seems to me, this dates additional bliss or something like that. And if so in essence, then nothing. This scene is mainly shown in special films, in which you most likely saw it.

  • Oral sex gives men pleasure often even more than traditional sex with traditional postures, and ejaculation on a girl’s face or mouth is its final stage, delivering a lot of pleasure to a man; face, especially since there are many girls who like it too, to feel the taste of male sperm in the mouth (Although there are many such girls for whom it is not very pleasant).

  • Such is the erotic fantasy when in the mouth or on the face of girls. If we consider that man descended from animals, and in animals this behavior shows dominance. Man on top woman on bottom. Man dominates. In this case, when a man ends up showing signs of dominance in a woman’s mouth or face. The female head is at this time at belt level. Conversely, if a woman is on top of a man having sex with him, then she says that she fucked him. Therefore, often women are sometimes inexplicably trying to climb from above. Moreover, such information was not from one woman, but from many. When a woman is on top she fucks a man. Something like this.

  • I think that it is pleasant for a man to observe and understand that they accept him without a trace and without embarrassment wherever he wants, they love him. Also, ejaculation in the mouth or on the face of a woman man raises self-esteem, which is very important for him, especially in the genital area.

    Personally, I do not think this is shameful and shameless, if it brings pleasure to both. Even sometimes it excites when a member literally explodes in the mouth and a man groans from unearthly bliss.

  • I’ve read an article 10 years ago, about men who like to cum on any part of the body, it's like they are .... like an animal instinct ....... mark their ... ..

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