The ratio of women to men wearing kapron pantyhose under their trousers.

The ratio of women to men wearing kapron pantyhose under their trousers.

  • My wife, friends and acquaintances treat me quite adequately, to the opinions of others I’m violet.

    The ratio of women to men wearing kapron pantyhose under their trousers.

  • I'm not so primitive to go up and ask why a man put on women's tights under pants, and even if he went to them, then I would only be funny, but just because I can't help myself, I have something, then smiles.

    I also wear sneakers, pants and men's socks, and no one says anything. Because nowadays it’s normal for women to wear trousers and sneakers, and no one sees men's socks.

  • It means that his orientation is different, he will take off his trousers and during the parade, he may even have lace stockings there. I would not have told him anything, but I would have giggled for a long time. Once I heard at the market how a girl asked a seller man about tights with butterflies quot; “And how they look at my leg;”, it was funny to me when I introduced it

  • I live in a harsh land.

    Our men do not wear women's nylon pantyhose. ))

    Why are there men! Even boys and boys do not wear.

    If I saw such a sight, I would only smile and pass by.

    All the same, this is not normal.)

  • Tight panty hoses look like tight elastic socks. You are surprised when the fabrics are sharply contrasted. The flesh-colored tights on a man of 20 would make them wonder why he did it. 5 minutes you think, then you forget. After thongs on men women's tights this nonsense

  • Having met a man or a guy with such a tendency, I would try to pass by silently and never meet him again if this person is not familiar to me.

    If this happened to a person with whom you have to meet for business or work, you would most likely ignore it and just treat him a little wary.

    But if one of my friends or relatives, I would ask in the forehead and without particularly embarrassment say what I think about this.

    During my life I knew only one man who wore women's tights and moreover women's shoes. All of this was due to his great greed, although there were denyuzhku in the family. But there was a taco order, that one pair of shoes for both him and his wife. Accordingly, they always left the house in turns, and he would put on tights so that the trousers would not be wiped and worn too quickly.

  • I would be very surprised and look back a few more times, trying to make sure that this is not a hallucination. I would be surprised by a man to wear nylon pantyhose, as I have not yet met such individuals, but I would try to look for the reason why he did it (you never know, maybe it is warmer or special tights, I met on Chinese websites). In any case, I would not have condemned him, just passed by without speaking.

    The ratio of women to men wearing kapron pantyhose under their trousers.

  • В первую очередь я подумала бы, что то, что я принимаю за колготки, возможно, на самом деле являются специальными лечебными антиварикозными компрессионными чулками (колготками). Ни разу не видела мужских, но ради интереса сейчас прогуглила — они существуют!

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