What is the name of the singer LOWA in fact, how old is the singer, name,?

What is the name of the singer LOWA in fact, how old is the singer, name,?

  • The lead singer of Iowa (Iowa) is Katya Ivanchikova, and this is her nickname. Iowa, as you know, this is one of the states of the USA, the American idiom Idiots Out Wandering Around is also known - which means “quot”; you can’t hide the truth; (although the literal translation quot; Idiots go around in circles;)).

    Catherine is currently 29 years old (date of birth 18.08.1987), originally from the city of Mogilev in Belarus. in 2016, she married the guitar player of the same group, Leonid Tereshchenko.

  • The soloist of the group Iowa is Ekaterina Ivanchikova (18.08.987).

    But aside from not being in the group there are still a few members.

    For me personally, this group was a discovery on New Wave in 2012. Then the guys represented Russia. Since then, they work and live in St. Petersburg.

    The guys have a vision of music, their lyrics are always original, maybe this is the secret of their popularity.

    Almost all the songs of the group IOWA become hits.

  • The group is called IOWA. The group's soloist is Ivanchikova Ekaterina. A young girl, she was born 18 August 1987 of the year. It was possible to hear e songs live and see the performance on stage. This is a lighter girl who danced for almost an hour, ran, jumped around the stage and at the same time sang very well in person.

  • This is not the singer Lova, this is the Iowa group (IOWA), but the girl soloist Ekaterina Ivanchikova, was born on August 18 1987, born in the Mogilev region of Belarus.

    IOWA is the nickname of Katie, who was very fond of hard rock and often listened to Slipknot, which has a song of the same name.

    Among the popular hits of the group are quot; Smile; quot ;, quot; This song is simple: quot ;, quot; Minibus; quot; Spring; quot; other.

    What is the name of the singer LOWA in fact, how old is the singer, name,?

  • The soloist of the popular group is called Ekaterina Ivanchikova. She became famous when she began to sing with the IOWA group, by the way who did not know this name of the state in the USA :)

    Katerina will turn 29 years old this summer. She is a lion on the zodiac sign of Jam Day celebrates 18 of August. Originally from the village of Chausy in Belarus.

  • The soloist of the group Iowa name is Katya Ivanchikova. The girl is from the Mogilev region in Belarus. She is not married, the singer is twenty-seven years old and she is focused on her career. The group Lowa (in another interpretation of IOWA) was created in 2009, since then the group has been very successful, its songs have not gone to the top of the charts!

  • I understand that the question is still about the Iowa group and the soloist of this group. The girl really attracts attention, and a kind of vocals and appearance. This is Ekaterina Ivanchikova, who was born on August 18 in 1987 in the small Belarusian town of Chausy, not far from Mogilev. Her ascent to the pop Olympus can be compared with a similar ascent in the 1997 year of the group quot; Mumiy trollquot ;, which also relied on the unusual appearance and vocals of her front-man. And at the same time, one cannot fail to note the talent of the singer, for whom I personally see a great future. Even if she changes the project, which sometimes on the contrary stimulates creativity.

    What is the name of the singer LOWA in fact, how old is the singer, name,?

  • The word quot; Iowaquot; - This is the nickname of the soloist of the group, which at one time was very fond of quot; heavy musicquot ;, the girl’s real name is Catherine, 30 years old.

    It’s correct to say so - quot; Iowaquot ;, this is the name of a Belarusian musical group.

    And the translation is Idiots Out Wandering Around.

    Date created quot; Iowyquot; - This is the year 2007 (Mogilv).

    The name of this group, you can still listen here.

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