How will I want you in English?

How will I want you in English?

  • I want you

    That is how English will be the passionate expression I want you

    I, want, you are three simple English words

    If you connect them instead, you get a sentence.

    So read, memorize and teach the girl your English.

  • Usually they say the most popular and common phrase, such as I WANT YOU. However, since it is often used, it lacks depth.

    If you want to say and express what you sincerely want and need a man without vulgarity, then say I NEED YOU.

  • In English the phrase quot; I want you quot; spelled quot; I want youquot ;. You need to pronounce it, something like this quot; Ay wont uquot ;. True for the correct pronunciation, unless of course you tell her to an English-speaking girl, it is best to watch some kind of American film about love. Or listen to the I Want You (Shes So Heavy) Beatles song.

  • I want you - this is exactly what the names of many songs performed in English sound and in translation into Russian it means quot; I want you quot ;.

    But this is not the only version of the translation. The thing is that the English verb want to have their own synonyms and they are less common, but still used. For example, if you type in translator I desire you (I wish you (you)), it will give the result of the translation we need.

    I want you in English

    There are more than a dozen such synonyms for the want verb (Covet, Wish, Yearn, Crave, Hanker and others), you just need to know English well enough to be able to use them in a conversation at the right time.

  • Given that the word quot; wantquot; in English it sounds like want,

    I am I

    you - you

    then the whole phrase will sound something like this quot; I want you quot ;.

  • I am English, honestly, I do not know, in frets only in German. I just tried to type this expression in the translator and it showed me that in English it sounds like I want you. I believe that is pronounced quot; ai wont yuquot ;.

  • There is English traditional and English a simplified version, the British language is multidimensional, and to say the language of Anglo-Saxons I want you, you need to know in what environment you say it. A simplified version of I want youquot; but there is another version of a higher flight: I NEED YOU.

  • quot; I want youquot; - English version, or translation of the Russian expression quot; I want you quot ;. With regard to pronunciation, this English phrase sounds in Russian as quot; Ay wont uquot ;. And by the way, quot; in English It is written with a hyphen.

  • To find out as in English there will be an expression quot; i want youquot;translate each word separately:

    I am in English this I

    I want to be in English Want

    You (or you) in English is you

    And now all together: I want you or quot; I want you:;

    There is even a song that, if my memory serves me, sings foreign performer Pitbull.

  • I want you so this phrase sounds in English pronounced ah wont u. In order not to suffer so much and not to look for answers on the Internet, you need to have an interpreter on your computer. You score the Russian version of the phrase, get the English version. Many translators have a voice function. By clicking on the image volume, you can listen to the correct pronunciation of the phrase and bring your own to perfection.

  • quot; I want you " in English will be like this: I want you. Pronounced: ah uyunt yu.

    How will I want you in English?

    You can also add passionate expressions to this sentence. I love you - love you,I need you - I need you (need)You are my life - you are my life ;))

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