What is nymphomania?

Nymphomania is a constant and greater need for sex that becomes more important than all other needs. In men, the disorder is called satiriasis.
A nymphomaniac is a woman who constantly craves sexual intercourse. Sex is an addiction that she cannot control. 

For a sick person, this does not matter much, the feelings of a partner and deeper interpersonal relationships do not count. The only aspect that the nymphomaniac pays attention to is the satisfaction of her lust.

Nymphomaniac - who is this

Usually in women diagnosed with nymphomania it is difficult to build strong relationships. Their sexual attraction is huge, inaccessible to many men, and leads to the fact that the nymphomaniac is engaged in deception or even prostitution.

Causes of nymphomania:

  • emotional problems;
  • low self-esteem;
  • fear of getting into a serious relationship;
  • fear of love;
  • the need for freedom;
  • stress;
  • difficult childhood;
  • rape;
  • harassment.
Causes of nymphomania - harassment

Symptoms of nymphomania:

  • constantly thinking about sex;
  • sex with multiple partners;
  • sex with random people;
  • constant masturbation;
  • frequent viewing of pornography;
  • loss of control over their own behavior;
  • bodily satisfaction is most important;
  • looking for opportunities for sex.
What is nymphomania - symptoms

After intercourse, the nymphomaniac feels shame, takes offense at herself and regrets that she cannot control her body. She wants to free herself from constant desire, but sexual abstinence causes irritability, difficulty concentrating and even depression.

Nymphomania treatment

Treating nymphomania sexologists are involved, who can also diagnose this disease. The patient is referred for psychological therapy and pharmacological treatment. It is generally recommended to take SSRIs, antipsychotics or antiandrogenic drugs.

Behavioral therapies that involve building deeper relationships with people and learning how to deal with stress are often helpful. A nymphomaniac in a relationship should attend meetings with her partner. Unfortunately, nymphomania is incurable, as there are dangerous situations that can cause a relapse of the disease.

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