What can I talk to the guy Vkontakte?

What can I talk to the guy Vkontakte?

  • I think about many things. Discuss any news, at the same time give on not a link. If you find common interests, it will be easier now. And so it would be a desire to communicate. It's even a little easier. Some questions during a personal meeting can be embarrassing to ask, but here please, he does not see you.

  • All about the same thing you would have talked about on the phone. The advantage of contact is that you can also throw off a picture or record and discuss it. Therefore, we can talk about everything.

    If you want to start a conversation, it is better to start with a neutral one. For example, discussing the last hit or the release of a new film on screens, or success in the sport of our team. Ask liked it or not, and in general what songs and movies you watch.

    So talk.

  • Vkontakte guy can talk on a variety of topics: topics about the weather, topics about work, school, parents, etc. If you do not know what he is talking about, talk about your own and his hobbies. Ask him what his hobby is, and be sure to tell us about your favorite pastime.

  • Vkontakte can talk about anything!

    If a guy does not show initiative, you can touch on his hobbies, interests and ask him a question. Say something good about mutual acquaintances, mention joint events, including sports. Discuss the latest important events, films, music.

    You can ask for help on the computer - to give advice on how to configure something.

  • Any social network is created for the interests and communication and VKontakte is no different from other social networks of the Internet. Say what you are most interested in the first place. Ask questions about the interests of the guy and the same way the dialogue will start

  • about anything! the only difference in communication on a social network is that you can display pictures. Now it has become very popular to post cool photos or smart (and in most cases, smart) phrases. you can discuss them - if we talk about nothing at all, but I want to talk. and the rest quot; contactquot; communication is no different from personal or telephone

  • Vkontakte, you can talk with a guy about vsm. talk about wm in everyday life, and even more about more, because you don’t see his face when talking, which is a little liberating people. But as I saw videos about those who are sitting on Vkontakte, I’ll tell you that there’s nothing to talk about with many ...

  • About vsem.I even more than with live communication) And if specifically, it can be about sports, cars, lessons, computers, games, but only if you are at least aware of this, and they can be mistaken for a fool) It all depends what are the interests of the guy. But again it is better not to say what you do not know)

  • Talk to the guy in contactas well as any other social network or ICQ, you can about anything. Ask him what he likes to do in his free time, which movies and music he prefers, which cars he likes, etc. etc.

  • I think that the topic of a conversation with a Vkontakte guy depends on the duration of your communication, if this is the first - then neutral topics (up to the weather), if this is not your first conversation, then communicate according to your interests. Maybe you have common friends on Vkontakte, music, movies, etc.

  • But I’m wondering, is the young man himself showing any activity in the conversation or is he only passively answering questions? I understand that the time has come when there is nothing to talk about. Of course, the photos have already been discussed, gone through childhood, shared our dreams. Well, what's left? Health and weather. Eternal topics, but only they are relevant in a conversation between grandmothers on the benches. Maybe the relationship has already exhausted itself ... And then there are two ways: either to leave, you can sometimes exchange greetings, or finally meet in real life.

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