Let's talk about tomatoes: how do you like the grade "Siberian precocious", reviews?

Let's talk about tomatoes: how do you like the grade "Siberian precocious", reviews?

  • Siberian precocious is one of the old varieties. The plant is not high 50-70 centimeters, of a determinant type, the fruits are not very large 60-80 grams, ripen early on 120-130 days of their growth. The yield yield is inferior to modern varieties, the taste of fruits is sour, can be used for canning and making juice and tomato paste.

  • Let's talk about tomatoes: how do you like the variety "Siberian early", reviews?

    Once upon a time I planted seedlings of varieties quot; Siberian precociousquot; in the open ground, and we went to rest in the Crimea, my mother looked after tomatoes. We arrive in the country at the end of July, having returned from the trip, we do not believe our eyes: a long bed with tomatoes is all bright red. If you don’t understand, in our Central Russia, the tomatoes on the bush in the open field ripen, of course, but only the first fruits, and so we remove the green ones mainly in late July - early August, otherwise phytophthora will begin. I have never seen this again. Here is a sort.

    Then I tried many other varieties, but I did not see such an effect of early and friendly ripening. This is a vintage variety of the fifties, deterministic, from 30 to 100 cm tall. Unfortunately, often sold seeds of this variety are completely different. This is not a hybrid, you can take your seeds.

    The fruits of it (the present) weigh from 60 to 110 g, they are slightly ribbed, the taste is usual for tomatoes, and the yield is simultaneous and early ripening even in the harsh conditions of a cool summer. But in the greenhouse its qualities are better. From the emergence of seedlings to fruit ripening, 110-125 days pass.

    It is believed that the tomatoes of this variety, which are grown in open ground, are tastier. Especially suitable for those who do not have a greenhouse. With early planting, seedlings under the shelter with the shelter begins to bear fruit in mid-July. Fruits contain a lot of dry matter, that is excellent for making sauces, tomato juice and pasta.

  • One of the favorite varieties, really early, tasty, well suited for salads and for pickles. Grow quickly, the seedlings are always strong and resistant to diseases, quite fruitful and easy to grow.

  • About the variety quot; Siberian early "quot; I can write a lot. We grew it, and I can say that this variety grows well not only in Siberia, but also in the Moscow region and in the south of the country. Here it is so unpretentious and thankful to people for fertile soil, for one or two supplements (or even without it) and for watering in the heat once or twice a week.

    Tomato grows well and in the greenhouse, and just on the beds in the garden.

    Let's talk about tomatoes: how do you like the variety "Siberian early", reviews?


    quot; Siberian precociousquot; low, it reaches a maximum of ninety centimeters when grown in a greenhouse and eighty - when grown in open ground. But more often the bushes are stunted. The same bushes that grow taller must be tied up so that they do not lie on the ground.

    Tomatoes are very tasty, the aroma is incomparable. They are red in color. The shape is rounded, slightly flattened, there is a slight ribbing. The weight of tomatoes reaches 60-120 grams. In greenhouses, the yield is higher - up to one and a half kilograms from a bush and up to ten kilograms per square meter. And when grown in open ground from the bush they get about a half kilogram, a little more, and from a square meter up to seven kilograms, but such tomatoes are better to taste.

    They can be salted, canned, make juice, all sauces, eat fresh.

    The harvest can be received already in 55 days, ripening is amicable.

    Among the shortcomings are the fact that the variety is already old and inferior to modern breeding; still low consider seed germination; and also the fact that the variety is often sick. Well, you just need to take a little more care - and everything will be in order.

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