What is the nickname for a dog-puppy of the Husky breed?

What is the nickname for a dog-puppy of the Husky breed?

  • Wolfe - Just looked and flashed in my head.

    My friends have such a breed of dogs, their name is Faust.

    I also like the name Adela - just beautiful and I don’t know the reasons.

    And it can also be called by breed: Hack or Hask.

    You can still Gray. The acquaintances of the dog called Bagira - very beautiful.

    And if you want something more impressive, then it’s suitable: Sheikh, King Korelia.

  • I also asked a similar question, here is a link to it -Http: //www.bolshoyvopros.ru/questions/1632829-kakuju-klichku-dat-schenku-hashy;ski.html Perhaps you can choose from the cliches suggested in the answers, there are many suitable for this breed.

  • I had two dogs.

    The first time was a boy, his leopard was called.

    Then he grew old and died. We bought a bitch called alpha.

    Very nice names (as for me).

    But now many people call pets by human names.

    Take a look yourself.

  • Husky - the breed is strong and serious, but also beautiful, therefore, its nickname must be appropriate, which will reflect and emphasize these external and internal qualities.

    I would choose a short and sonorous one, so that it would be nice to pronounce and call the dog, proudly looking at others:

    The fight,



    This is if a boy.

    And, of course, Shedi if it’s a girl, because that’s the name of our dog, who lived with us for more than 10 years. Although she was an elder terrier, she is also a beauty and smart.

  • Which is typical for many dogs of the husky breed, they often have a strict, formidable look and look, even for puppies (when they say quot; husky quot ;, for some reason, I remember the Demon from the movie quot; Snow Dogs quot; 😉, which means some the tender name for such a dog will be some kind of mockery 😉

    In my opinion, the dog’s nicknames: Cupid, Buran, Wolfe, Loki, North, Taimyr, Tor

    If this is a girl, then perhaps her nicknames will do: Aina, Nora, Simba, Taiga, Yucca

    In general, look here, m. some of these nicknames will do better.

    Just do not choose just a beautiful sounding little name, but look at your puppy and quot; try on quot; nickname on him.

  • Super - breed. Very beautiful color, lovely eyes. I would call Silver, Rocky, Caesar))

  • If this is a boy, then one can name Viking, Norman, North, Wind. For girls Alpha, Cora, Shelley.

  • What a cute puppy. I also want ... If this is a boy, then Cupid, Elbrus, Iceberg, North, Thunder, Fang, Max, Black, Ray. I gave my cat a nickname only a month later, based on habits, so take a closer look and the nickname will appear by itself.

  • Is it a boy or a girl? But I agree with the previous answers, the nickname should be short and sonorous.

    For a boy, I would choose from these names: Baikal (abbreviated Bai) Rocky, Rob or Bert.

    For girls: Verna, Chara, Laura, Trisha, Gerda.

  • Hi, if I had such an awesome dog. I would call it Iceberg.

  • Very cute puppy, I love this breed - very smart and loyal dogs. So they like huskies, that is, dogs of the north. Look, maybe you like nicknames for huskies, here on this site there is a whole article quot; Nicknames for huskies with the valuequot;

  • If you did not find anything suitable, it may make sense to re-read famous authors who wrote about the North. Scroll through Jack London or OH - in their stories you will find many names that sled dogs wore. Look at the map of the northern territories or Siberia. It is possible that some geographic name is suitable for your pet, for example: Aldan, Vilyuy, Kyshtym, Essay, Khatanga, Aikhal, Kheta.

    In any case, the nickname should be short and sonorous. Try to speak it out loud, it should be easy to pronounce and stand out phonetically. It is good when the sound p will be present in it, emphasizing the character of the dog. The sound x in the name of the husky will also be quite appropriate; these dogs do not bark, but make a sound similar to wheezing.

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