How to deal with spring vitamin deficiency

Spring came. In the morning the birds sing outside the window, but it’s harder to wake up, and after work there’s not enough strength for anything. Often there is a feeling that tomorrow you can get rid of a cold.

Fight against vitamin deficiency in the spring without drugs

You can often hear that your nails begin to break, peel off your skin, and your hair will fall out. Irritability appears, a bad mood, chronic diseases worsen, etc. All of the above are symptoms of spring vitamin deficiency.

How to strengthen the body in spring?

Strengthen the body with vitaminsVitamin deficiency is a condition in which the body does not have enough vitamins. Often this entails a weakening of immunity, which will subsequently lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases, as well as a high probability of the appearance of various viral ailments.

Of course, for greater certainty that this condition does not accompany any dangerous disease, it is better to take tests. But doctors provide statistics that 85% of people have vitamin deficiency in spring.

You can correct the condition with the help of various complexes of multivitamins and minerals. But do not immediately run to the pharmacy and spend large amounts. You can replenish the supply of vitamins in the body with the help of products that every housewife in the kitchen has.

Vitamin deficiency in the spring - decoctions will help

Saturate the body with the necessary amount of nutrients, you can use drinks. At the same time, it is better to replace tea and coffee with a rosehip broth, dried fruit compote or infusions of viburnum berries.

Vitamin deficiency in the spring - decoctions will help

It is very useful for the body to consume freshly prepared juices from a variety of vegetables and fruits. After spinning it is necessary to drink it for fifteen minutes. Therefore, for the future juice does not need to be done.

There are a lot of vitamins in herbal preparations, they will help you cope with spring vitamin deficiency. The following recipes help well. Lingonberries, nettle leaves and rose hips are taken in equal quantities. Then pour the finished mixture with boiling water. In a glass of water you need to take twenty grams of collection. It’s good to put everything in a thermos, since you need to insist for at least four hours.

Filter and drink. 200 ml of the drink can be consumed three times a day - vitamin deficiency will recede!

A tablespoon of primrose grass is steamed with a glass of boiling water for thirty minutes. We filter and drink 70 ml of the drink half an hour before eating.

What is good to eat with a lack of vitamins?

In the spring, special attention should be paid to food. One of the most important vitamins that strengthen the immune system is vitamin C. It is found in all types of cabbage, green onions, currants, and citrus fruits. But it is important to remember that during heat treatment this vitamin is destroyed.

Healthy nutrition for vitamin deficiency

With a lack of vitamin A, the development of the body slows down. A lot of vitamin A is found in carrots and pumpkins. It is important for the immune system, and also maintain the skin in good condition.

For the brain, you need to eat fish. These are vitamin D and healthy fats. This vitamin is also found in dairy products, egg yolks. It helps strengthen bones, teeth.
A wonderful natural antidepressant is vitamin B1. He is responsible for the work of the nervous system, metabolism.

Present in cereals, legumes, meat, nuts. Walnuts have many vitamins and minerals.

To improve digestion, cabbage must be added to the diet. It contains potassium, vitamins C and PP, as well as natural fiber.

And more often you need to be in the fresh air, and not lie in front of the TV at home. Then spring weakness and vitamin deficiency will not be scary.

Before using decoctions of herbs or other products, we strongly recommend consulting a doctor!

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