Why there is a feeling of "needles" in the hands or feet?

Why there is a feeling of "needles" in the hands or feet?

  • This sensation arises from the compression of blood vessels and from osteochondrosis the spine. If at a younger age we see the reason for this is that “; or quot; limbs then with age if available osteochondrosis(and he, as a rule, is present at all).

  • The first thing that comes to mind is a tingling sensation after quot; an arm or leg, or after sleeping in an uncomfortable position a limb becomes numb and tingling follows.

    The reason for this is a sensitive nerve, which was pinched due to an uncomfortable posture. This is how a nerve that runs close to the surface of the body reacts, it can be squeezed, uncomfortably sitting or lying down.

    May cause tingling and low calcium levels. In patients with diabetes, it may appear in the feet.

    Any tingling is due to a decrease in the sensitivity of the nerve. In addition to one-off cases, this phenomenon may be chronic. Causes: insufficiently intensive blood circulation, inflammatory processes, various disorders in metabolism.

  • Sensitive nerve, squeezed or sat down or lay down so that blood began to flow badly. You need to rub your leg or arm, shake it, stand up, walk, jump, everything will pass in seven or ten minutes, good luck!

  • These needles are scientifically called paresthesia. They appear for various reasons.

    most often it appears when you were in an uncomfortable position and blocked the vessels. Then, when the blood circulation resumes, this sensation arises, apparently, from the blood flow. This is like a harmless option.

    But sometimes the tingling in the area of ​​the fingers results from a lack of calcium in the body or there are problems with the vessels and the blood circulation is disturbed.

  • This usually happens if you sit or lie down. The blood from this place was squeezed out and it was less there. And when he opened his hand, the blood began to flow through the veins and capillaries again. Apparently because the blood is trying to squeeze again into the vessels flattened by lying on the arm and there is a tingling sensation. This blood punches its way.

    Sometimes, occasionally, as something like that. Sometimes it just bites some kind of insect. And sometimes, like somewhere heard, some microvessels on the skin burst. In this place, in my opinion, a small red dot appears.

  • It happens to me when I sleep, either at night or in the morning. The thing is that we pinch the vessels and the blood is almost not received. And after we let go the blood abruptly begins to go where it could not before. And that is why colic occurs.

  • The feeling of tingling (quot; needles) in the arms and legs is called paresthesia. The causes of several.

    1. Neurological causes of numbness - nerve compression or nerve damage.

    2. Orthopedic causes - injuries, fractures, osteoporosis.

    3. Cardiovascular causes - vasospasm, vein thrombosis, frostbite.

    To clarify the numbness you need to find out the cause. undergo a comprehensive examination.

    for numbness is the first bell for strokes, sclerosis, and also tumors and diabetes.

  • There are many causes of tingling, for example, nerve damage, with atherosclerosis, diabetes, thyroid disease, excessive smoking, multiple sclerosis and Lyme disease.

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