What causes the left hand swelling?

What causes the left hand swelling?

  • What causes the left hand swelling?

    The causes of swelling of the left hand are different, for example, when I have high blood pressure, the hand swells, there may also be problems with the kidneys, liver, and if they drink a lot of liquids, when the food is salty, or too sweet, or the hand is not mobile, there is stagnation in the body.

    Let your mother try to drink less liquid at night, eat less salty, sweet, and look at the result, she can also squeeze her hand strongly during sleep, or the pressure rises sharply.

    Watch your mother, if all the same the reason is not in the diet, not in a large amount of water you have drunk, then you should let him go to the doctor so that you would worry less. Good luck.

  • Pinched nerves and muscles in the cervical region - there is no blood flow to the head. We must go to the manual manager - the East, who was trained in China, Tibet, etc.

    After the auto-accident, such specialists of people collect hands and people get up and walk and completely come back to life.

  • The reason is very simple .. it sleeps so it pinches the nerve or bloodstream. That's all! Just loves she can sleep on her left side. But there are some direct symptoms with other organs there is no connection. If only she had been taken away from her during the day with normal activity .. then yes, there is already a reason to think! There are already dozens of versions ... from pinching to muscle tissue and other things ..

  • If the swelling of the fingers or hand passes during the day during normal motor activity, then simply ask your mother to see what she eats before bedtime and how much liquid she drinks. And if this is the reason, then exclude salty at night, as well as abundant drinking.

    If the swelling does not subside even during the day, then there is a need to guide the mother to see a doctor.

  • In fact, the causes of swelling of the hands are many, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

    The most common cause of edema is a large amount of fluid that was drunk before bedtime, and the person was sleeping on one side (in your case, this is the left side). As activity progresses throughout the day, the edema must pass. Hand swelling can also be caused by inflammation of the joints of the hands. In this case, when touched, pain may occur.

    Edema can be the cause of heart disease, blockage of blood vessels, kidney disease (the kidneys do not remove the required amount of fluid from the body), the liver.

    Edema can be caused due to an allergic reaction (for example, to detergent).

    In any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor to rule out dangerous diseases.

    Health to you and your mother!

  • In principle, it can be anything. Than only people do not get sick in age. And as a matter of fact there can be a banal surplus of liquid before going to bed. A person sleeps on one side and pinches the blood arteries, so the arm swells. This is quite a frequent occurrence not only of your mother, but if pain also accompanies, it is better to see a doctor. Do not be ill!

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