How correctly to plant alcohol?

How correctly to plant alcohol?

  • If you are referring to getting drinks with different degrees of strength as a result of dilution with alcohol, then I’ll give an image of one useful household sign, where we see the right ratios of water and alcohol.

    The only thing to remind you is that when mixed alcohol is poured into the water, and not vice versa.

    How correctly to plant alcohol?

  • To dilute the alcohol, you need to take the capacity in 1 liter and pour 40% alcohol into it. This will allow to obtain a forty-degree drink. If you have a capacity of only half a liter, then you will need to pour 200 grams of alcohol.

  • Dilute alcohol should be correct.

    Then the quality of the product will be proper.

    Usually alcohol is diluted to obtain vodka.

    Take for such an important business alcohol Lux or medical.

    Water should be added distilled or repeatedly purified through the filter.

    Remember, pour the alcohol into the water, but not the other way round.

    I myself know that the ratio of 2: 3 (2 parts of alcohol to 3 parts of water) is just right.

  • It is necessary to add alcohol toli to the water toli per revolution in one of the cases a reaction will occur and it will heat up, so before experimenting, use it and experiment with the main thing! ..and generally it’s better to drink vodka and don’t bother with breeding ...

  • As my father taught me, and his grandfather, we dilute alcohol, calculated on 0,5 liters (bottle), pour 200 ml of alcohol, and then 300 ml of water, it is advisable to use purified water through a filter, such as Aquaphor or Barrier. shake, but also knock on the bottom of the bottle, but be careful not to break it, it quenches the alcohol, the mixing process goes faster and more often open the cork so that it leaves the gas. To make the vodka taste more pleasant, I add a little balm of any and pleasant appetite.

  • Based on a liter of 1, pour milliliters of pure alcohol into the 400 tank (first alcohol), then pour 600 alcohol with milliliters of water, add one vial of glucose (to kill the smell of alcohol and for softness), shake it all up. Vodka ready to use.

  • If you want to take prima inside, then alcohol will not work because it dries and has a specific smell. For drinking, you need to use only alcohol. The rectified food grade food, from which all vodka is now made. In Soviet times, my husband was given such alcohol at work as a bonus instead of money. I often made cranberry tincture. And you need to breed in the ratio of 40% alcohol and 60% water. I used mineral or distilled water. After mixing water and alcohol, you need to shake the bottle well so that the reaction ends faster and all the bubbles come out.

  • In principle, they correctly said here. You need to take a liter bottle or you can take ten and pour about 4 tenths of alcohol into this container, and fill the rest with water. By the way, as far as I know, it is better to dilute alcohol with boiled water.

    That's how to breed - it should turn out 40%. And for reliability, you need to use an alcohol meter.

  • Looking for what you will dilute alcohol, as I understand it, medical, if for internal use, then the water, not raw from the tap, must be poured into alcohol in a ratio of one to two, I repeat, in medical. It should be transparent and strong. For compresses and wiping other proportions.

  • In order to dilute alcohol correctly, certain proportions must be observed: it is worth considering that for every 40 milliliters of alcohol you need to take exactly 60 milliliters of water. If you dilute alcohol in this way, you get ordinary vodka. If less quot; degree "quot; solution, then we increase the proportions of water, while reducing the amount of alcohol.

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