Sore eyes in the morning, what's the reason, how to treat?

Sore eyes in the morning, what's the reason, how to treat?

  • I was not so scared when I could not open my eyes in the morning (((I did not understand anything at first, I washed it to the bathroom, and they have reddish and pus, but then everything fell into place, conjunctivitis (((I went to pharmacy and bought phloxal (girls advised on the forum where they immediately applied for help.) A few days of treatment, pus with inflammation passed.But since it's an antibiotic, I completely passed the course, and the disease is so serious, all the same, eyes, it is better to complete the course.

  • If the eyes fester and turn red due to a cold with a runny nose, a possible cause is microbial or viral conjunctivitis. It is treated accordingly with antimicrobial and antiviral drops. Antimicrobial drops include: Sulfacil-Sodium (commonly known as Albucid) is dripped up to 6 once a day in drops in both eyes, Levomycetin eye drops in 1 drop 3 times a day, Ciprolet, Vitabact, you can put eye tetracycline ointment under the lower eyelid. night, there are a lot of antimicrobial drops. Ophthalmoferon drops have an antiviral effect. You can rinse your eyes with a sterile solution of furatsilina. Before burying or rinsing your eyes, you need to wash your hands with soap and treat with a solution of chlorhexidine. And the best thing is to go see a doctor.

  • And my eyes fester when conjunctivitis (((

  • I can offer an old Russian recipe. Wash eyes with soap 70%. Rinse so that it gets into your eyes. It nipples of course, but - once is enough and passes for many years.

  • This is most likely an infectious disease called conjunctivitis. In addition to suppuration, the redness of the eyes (or one eye) can also be observed. In any pharmacy you can buy the appropriate eye drops that remove inflammation of the mucous eye. It is always necessary to drip both eyes, even if only one fester.

  • The most common reason for this condition when the eyes in the morning cannot be opened due to stuck together eyelashes is conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis can be caused by various reasons, most often adenovirus. In this case, albucid will help (another name is sodium sulfacyl), which must be instilled several times a day (most recently had conjunctivitis, instilled albucid every hour). But there may be other reasons, so if relief does not come in one day of albucid treatment, you will have to consult a doctor.

  • I would advise, to get rid of conjunctivitis, rinse your eyes every hour with infusion of chamomile or strong tea leaves. At the same time, separate containers and cotton swabs for each eye to prevent the flow of infection. To instill a drop of quot; three times a day; (price - about 60 rubles). He was cured by such a scheme in three days.

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