Where is the vaccination from encephalitis in Moscow?

Where is the vaccination from encephalitis in Moscow?

  • For Moscow and the Moscow Region, tick-borne encephalitis is not a far-fetched problem, but a real threat to those who like to be in the forests with the aim of picking mushrooms, berries, hunting and just relaxing. And for those who work in natural conditions. Ticks in this area are infected with a virus that causes tick-borne encephalitis.

    And there is still the potential danger of importing ticks from the forests to their homes on clothes or with bouquets of wild flowers, which means that family members who did not go out in nature are at risk of tick attacks. Therefore, vaccination, of course, is necessary in order to protect yourself and your children.

    In this case, different vaccines are used. But the main vaccination schedule includes two vaccinations: the first is done in the fall, and the second after seven months. This is a classic way. This time is needed for immunity to develop.

    If you need to urgently immunize, then it is better to do this one and a half months before leaving for natural conditions. In Moscow, vaccinations can be done at these addresses:

    Where is the vaccination from encephalitis in Moscow?


    You can read about it here.

  • Free vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis is cost-effective, at least this applies to countries with a high level of endemicity, to which, of course, Russia belongs. The treatment of tick-borne encephalitis is associated with high costs, and with serious consequences, this is just the case when it is easier to prevent than to cure.

    Vaccination promotion for the population should be carried out at the state level, it is necessary not only to inform citizens about the need for preventive actions, but also to publish a list of institutions that conduct vaccination on a free basis.

    In Moscow, these institutions include:

    Where is the vaccination from encephalitis in Moscow?

    More detailed information can be obtained on the website 77.rospotrebnadzor.ru at this link.

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