How to clean a gold pendant - 6 ways

Gold is a beautiful, expensive metal, but even with time it can lose its pristine radiance and luster. Gold jewelry - pendants and pendants - become dirty and fade, cover with greasy plaque. They periodically need to arrange cleaning.

For jewelers, such a service will cost you dearly. Is it possible to clean gold jewelry with my own hands?

For this procedure, you can use the so-called folk remedies. All of them are affordable, effective, able to bring the decoration in a decent look.

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Gold cleaning with GOI paste

Perfectly cleans pendants from any gold, including products with a corrugated surface. In addition to GOI paste, you will need a flap of wool, ammonia, dishwashing detergent and a toothbrush.

Cleaning Steps:

  1. First, apply paste to the flap and rub the pendant on all sides as thoroughly as possible.
  2. then prepare a solution of ammonia (1 tsp), clean water (200 ml) and detergent (also 1 tsp);
  3. immerse the jewelry in this liquid for half an hour;
  4. remove the gold from the solution, rub the corrugated places with a toothbrush;
  5. rinse the item with a stream of warm water from the tap;
  6. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Vinegar, onion and lemon - effective pure gold

Cleaning with natural products is suitable for small dirt, copes with greasy film on the surface of gold products.

Moisten a cotton pad with 9% vinegar (table or apple) and wipe the gold. The same effect as vinegar has onions (its juice) and fresh lemon juice.

Jewelry Cleaning Fluids

You can easily buy them at a supermarket or hardware store. Take the funds intended for processing gold. They will contain ammonia. Treat the pendant or pendant with a soft cloth dampened in such a tool. If the product has become very dull, place it in the liquid completely - for several minutes or for the time recommended by the manufacturer of the liquid for cleaning gold (in the instructions or on the packaging).

Attention! Ammonia products can be used only for products without stones.

Ammonia solution

Buy a medical solution of ammonia in a pharmacy. 10% is suitable. If someone has forgotten, we recall - this is ammonia. Clean as in the previous recipe. The result will be no worse, and the cost will be much cheaper.

Another "old-fashioned way" - how to clean gold

Do not want to experiment with "chemistry"? Try to clear the gold pendant the old fashioned way. Measure 50 ml of light beer, pour raw egg yolk into a container with it. Beat the mixture and, wetting a cotton wool or rag in it, wipe the decoration several times. Then wash with clean water and dry.

Abrasive paste

In salons for the sale of jewelry, they usually also trade in special gold care products. These are abrasive compositions in the form of a paste or gel. They are made on the basis of petroleum jelly / oil with the addition of chalk, white magnesia, lead carbonate, sedimentary rock (tripoli), corundum (emery).

Such funds allow you to clean the gold pendant as efficiently as possible, return it to perfect condition, luxurious shine. Despite the presence of abrasive particles in the paste, it acts gently and delicately. The sellers of jewelry salons themselves clean gold with such means if the jewelry is “stuck” in the window and has lost its attractive appearance.

How to clean gold at home

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