How to follow a plum diet for weight loss

In the fall, one of the most popular diets is plum. A rich harvest of ripe and healthy plums allows you to use fruits to follow different diets: fast, long, mono-diet or mixed.

How to follow a plum diet for weight loss

Plum Diet: Benefits

Weight loss on a plum diet is mainly due to the powerful cleansing of the intestines and the active work of the digestive tract.

Plums - the fruits are tasty, which means that the diet will bring pleasure. Fruits will help not only reduce weight, but also nourish the body with vitamins E, A, C, group B and microelements such as zinc, copper, iron, potassium, iodine, etc.

The benefits of plum diet

All plum varieties are rich in pectin, which improves intestinal patency and peristalsis. Under the influence of the beneficial composition, the drain decreases the level of cholesterol, metabolism is activated, health and appearance are improved.

Scientists argue that these fruits, especially if consumed with peels, prevent cancer cells from growing.

The first version of the plum diet: on 3 of the day

It consists in eating for three days per 1 kg of fresh plums of dark varieties daily. Along with plums, you can eat low-fat cottage cheese, drink low-fat kefir, mineral water, green tea and plain water.

Dine should be vegetable soups with a minimum amount of salt. Bread can be black or from whole grain flour (no more than 200 gr per day). Oat and buckwheat cereals on the water, boiled chicken (no more than 150 gr per day), 1 egg for breakfast or afternoon snack are also allowed.

The first version of the diet with plums

Servings of fresh vegetables and greens are also shown - at each meal in 150-200 gr.

Under the ban, alcohol, white bread, meat, meat broths, potatoes and any high-calorie dishes, as well as sugar and sweets.

With these principles of nutrition, a plummet can amount to 1-2 kg per three days of plum diet. But the main thing is that detoxification of the intestine will occur, which will necessarily affect health, skin condition, performance (everything will improve!).

The second version of the plum diet - the duration of 7-10 days

With this method, you can include any products in the menu with the exception of the following:

  • sugar;
  • white flour dishes and white bread;
  • fatty meats and all fatty foods;
  • alcohol, sweet drinks;
  • any fried dishes;
  • convenience foods and fast food;
  • confectionery products;
  • high fat dairy products.

How to use slimming plums

In this embodiment, the drain as such will not be on the menu. It is suggested to use freshly prepared juice from healthy fruits. You need to drink it in a cup (200-220 ml) before meals, before main meals.

Plums for weight loss - how to use them

It is safe to adhere to such a diet for longer than ten days. However, the second option is limited to the seasonal availability of fruits. Canned juice, to which sugar is usually added, is not suitable. Therefore, as soon as the crop is ripe, immediately go on this diet. She will allow to throw up to 5-6 kg in 10-14 days.

Side effects, contraindications

Compliance with plum diet, especially in its first days, may be accompanied by side effects. The fact is that plum has a laxative effect on the intestines. Its purification can proceed so actively that you will need to be at home and not leave it for a long time. This point must be taken into account.

Side effects, contraindications plum diet

Sometimes during a plum diet, people experience pain in the lower abdomen, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. In this case, you need to reduce the portion of fruit or interrupt the diet altogether.

The plum method of losing weight - both on fresh fruits and on juice - is contraindicated in diabetes, chronic pathology of the digestive system, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Before applying the plum diet for weight loss, consult a physician and a nutritionist!

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