At what age / height of the child 68 clothing size?

At what age / height of the child 68 clothing size?

  • The size of children's clothes as well as adults does not depend on age. So, if you decide to purchase a gift, it is better to ask about the growth of the child in advance. But you can roughly calculate, knowing the growth at birth. My daughter was born with the growth of 55. But now, at five months, the rise of 70. And the outfits signed by quot; 3-6 mesquot;

  • My child is small. When I buy him clothes in absentia, it just touches me how sellers begin to argue. At first, they are interested in the age of the child, then they show me something of a deafening size - it will be just right for your child. And they start to argue, that's the funny thing!

  • Children do not always correspond to the height and weight tables. My daughter wore a 68 size a year. And for someone in 5 months. already need to buy 86. All different.

  • Yes, it is believed that size 68 is aimed at 3-6 months old children, 68 here is the length of the baby’s body, but I, like my mother, have comments here.

    • Some children already outgrow 68 centimeters by four months, and some have a body length of 65-66 cm by half a year, everything is individually.
    • Manufacturers bring so much confusion in size that sometimes they have to use a centimeter tape when they are in doubt. For some manufacturers, 68 is maximum the growth of the child, on whom the clothes are oriented, will outgrow a little, and everything has to be changed. For others, for example, for some Belarusian factories, 68 is minimum the height of the child, and the child is 66,5 cm tall will still be quot; in such clothes 68 sizes, and with a height of 73,5 cm she is just right. It is conventionally believed that 74 is the size of 6-9 months, but I repeat, all individually.
    • Even if the size is suitable for growth, there may be different options. For example, the leg can already grow so that you have to climb into larger sizes or change the manufacturer of clothes, which you can still climb. Or a fat child, then "native;" Size may not be fastened.

    In general, children's clothing sizes are a complex topic.

  • Clothing for height 68 cm is suitable for children from 3 to 6 months.

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