How can I apply for an employee search / vacancy on Avito?

How can I apply for an employee search / vacancy on Avito?

  • In order to submit ads on the Avito website, you need to register on it, then go to the ads section and select the vacancy tab there, you need to decide on the occupation and profession of the employee, then you can fill out an employer questionnaire.

  • First you need to register, then go to my office and submit an advertisement.

  • In order to submit an advertisement for a vacancy, it is necessary first of all to go through the registration procedure on Avito. After that, go to the site and start creating ads, while remember that the placement will be paid.

    And by the way, only those users who have been registered as legal entities or individual entrepreneurs will be able to submit vacancy announcements on this site. This will require an indication of the relevant details of your status.

  • We must create a new ad in the category of Jobs, vacancies with a fee for posting.

    Объявление можно оплатить, активировав его сразу или сделать это позже. Через какое-то время неоплаченные объявления удаляются.

  • Since August 2015, the placement of a vacancy on Avito has become paid. The cost of one advertisement (vacancy) from 99 to 300 rubles, depending on the region. First you need to register, specify the TIN of the organization or SP. Next, create an ad in accordance with the rules of Avito and activate it. You can pay with an electronic wallet. It is convenient to deposit money into an account at KIWI terminals.

  • There is one caveat, you must register on the site as a legal entity. If you are already registered on the Avito website, then log in to your account and click the blue quot button; Submit an adquot ;. Then choose the category quot; Jobs ;, then you will be highlighted quot; Jobs (search for employees), still need to choose the scope of activities. After that, enter the job title, work schedule, experience, in a separate window, you can write the requirements and job description, you can hang a photo or picture. Salary can be specified, but you can not specify. Vacancy announcements are paid and you need to choose a package. Click quot; Next; then enter the code from the image and press the button; Finish; quot;

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