Suffixes with a diminutive value. Examples of suffixes?

Suffixes with a diminutive value. Examples of suffixes?

  • Cute-Cute, Eared-eared, yellow-yellow, Little-tiny, cat-cat, Low-short, fast-fast. The first option shows when without a suffix, and the second shows with a suffix.

  • The diminutive form is organized by adding special suffixes. We often communicate with loved ones by adding these suffixes. What are the diminutive suffixes. Suffix is ​​-ex. Echk, a little. For example: daughter, zacheka, little book.

  • Well, I think, not all diminutive suffixes are called here, say: UShK, Yushk, used for nouns Mitrofan-ushka, Stepan-ushk-a, Antip-ushka, a-clush-a, ashk -starik- ashk-a, ok-, k - patch-ok, draft-ok, ogon-ek. There should be more options.

  • In russian language with diminutive value There are many suffixes.

    Noun give the diminutive value the following suffixes:


    leg, head, dove, handle;

    -ik, -ek:

    table, square, pencil, broom, wreath;

    ok / k:

    slipper, chest, hook, fluff, foam, denk;

    -ec-, -itz-:

    puddle, face, armchair, oil, finger, little letter;

    point / point:

    a seed, a little crown, a little mark, a little time, a strainer, a little thing, an asterisk, a brush, a news;

    -onk - / - enk- / nk-:

    little head, fox, little hand, little leg;

    -shik - / - ishk-:

    a feather, a sun, a neck, a small thing, a stalk;

    -shush - / - yushk- :

    old woman, girl, winter king, pole, volyushka;

    -onk- / nk-:

    little boy, little river, little shop, little bones, horseback, golovnka;


    pocket, glass, blank;


    speck of dust, teardrop, fluff, dewdrop;


    face, old man.

    У adjectives note suffixes with a diminutive value:

    yen - / - onk-:

    small, quick, nimble, smart, inferior, long.

  • Word-building suffixes with diminutive meaning:

    -on-striped, fox, little fawn;

    -enka- zorenka, little path, Sasha, mommy, daddy;

    -ink- zayinka, bainki, goody;

    -in + k- pea, abrasion, straw;

    -enka- refugee, sissy, Frenchwoman;

    -onk- darling;

    -onok-wolf cub;

    -ik- key, knife;

    -ec- lock, piece, bag;

    -ok- spinning top, cam;

    -etz- letter, gun;

    -itz- mielitsa, beauty, oilseed, armchair;

    -ich + to the chanterelle, ladder, bulb.

    And others.

  • Here are a few diminutive suffixes of nouns.

    SUFFIX -EK- nutlet,

    SUFFIX -IR- ball,

    SUFFIX -OK- fool,

    SUFFIX EYE- (-ECHK-), -YONK - (- YENK-) jar, spoon, chick, daughter,

    SUFFIX -EC- (-IC-) well done, butter,

    SUFFIX -ONK- (-NK-), -OONOK- darling, badger,

    SUFFIX -INK- vertex.

  • House-house (suffix ik), blue-blue (suffix yenk), smart-smart (suffix yenk) In general, there are a lot of them, you just need to turn on the fantasy.

  • There are several such suffixes in the Russian language and they are used more often in oral speech, because not all of us at the end of school remember the rules ...))

    So these are suffixes -ink- (-enka-) - zayinka, Sasha; -ik- (-ek -, - ok -) - key, bag, cam; -ichk-, (-echk-) chanterelle, utrechko and dismissive -onk- (-enk -) - soul.

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