Why did Mamin-Sibiryak call his story "Priemysh"?

Why did Mamin-Sibiryak call his story "Priemysh"?

  • In the story quot; Priemyshquot; writer Mamin-Sibiryak described a touching story:

    The watchman Taras picked up a young wild swan, as the bird's parents were shot by hunters.

    The old man had to take care of the swan all summer, raised him, loved him like a child.

    It is quite natural that Taras, tied to a bird, decided to call her Priemysh.

    With wild swan got along and his dog Sobolko.

    And when in the autumn it was time for the flight, Taras reluctantly released Reception,

    the bird itself asked for a flight of flight.

    Although the swan almost did not learn to fly, but his instinct woke up.

    The old watchman did not want to become an obstacle, because he loved Priemysh very much.

  • According to the plot of this story, Lebed was an orphan, and his old man Taras accepted him as his own; from this, he essentially became an adoptee. Although the swan is an animal, but according to this story, it is equal to man and the epithets and names of social status are taken as human.

  • The story is named for the swan, which sheltered Taras. Although the swan became a family in the Taras family, but the instinct was stronger than attachment, if the swan were older, it would probably remain, because experience gives knowledge that sometimes it’s worth stopping at quot; tit in hand ;. But the young swan, he was driven not only by instinct, but by curiosity and thirst for life. Taras, like an old man and knowing that such youth did not begin to keep the swan on a leash, not giving vent to feelings, you do not know happiness, and Taras loved the swan, therefore he let him go to his relatives. You need to live life the way you feel yourself, with all your mistakes.

  • The main character of the story of Mamin-Sibiryak quot; Priemyshquot; it is necessary to consider not the narrator himself, not the old Taras, but the swan whom Taras picked up. Hunters killed the parents of the little swan, and the watchman Taras found a little swan who was hiding in the reeds and felt sorry for the poor fellow. For several months the swan lived with Taras, and he hoped that the swan would stay with him for the winter. That was just when a young swan saw its brethren and its heart rushed after them. Taras had to let go of the swan, although he was worried that the swan, unaccustomed to flying, would not survive in the wild.

    The story was named by the writer quot; Priemyshquot; because the orphan swan was adopted in his family by Taras, and the Sobolko dog became friends with the swan, who lived with them as an adopted son.

  • The story about one swan, who was raised by an old man with a dog. This swan was with them as an adopted child. Hence the name quot; Priemyshquot ;.

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