Huawei is the main supplier of 5G in Russia

Issues related to the trade war between China and the United States, where Huawei is at the center of the debate, sometimes have interesting contexts. Russia decided that the Chinese would be the main supplier of 5G infrastructure.

5G in Russia

Russia has had excellent relations with Huawei for some time, so it is not surprising that the Chinese company will create 5G network. Thus, Huawei becomes the technological leader of 5G in the Russian market. The company already this month opened its first 5G test zone in Moscow.

This is certainly good news for Huawei, since Russia plans to create 2024G connections in all major cities by 5. Zhao Lei from Huawei said that the company has been cooperating with Russia for 22 of the year and this partnership is developing. Moreover, Huawei is already thinking about developing the 6G standard.

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