How to translate the word got?

How to translate the word got?

  • received, receive - this is translated from English. Verb. The form does not change.

    there is - from the German language.

  • To get (past time - got) in English translation - quot; receivequot ;. And also: bring, earn, get, understand, comprehend, grab, communicate, establish communication. Become, bring something to someone, complete, carry, get, force someone to persuade.

  • First, g - a form of past time or a participle from a verb get.

    Ie if you want to understand the meaning of the word got, then in the dictionary you need to look for get.

    Often, got is used in conjunction with have (have got), but in essence this combination doesn’t differ from have (translates to quot; have quot; or quot; be forced to do something) quot;

    I have a book = I have got a book = Ive got a book (in colloquial speech sometimes quot; vequot; is omitted, and in general I got a book, but grammatically it is not correct)

    She has a cat = She has got a cat = Shes got a cat

    well, or any other example. The meaning is absolutely the same.

    I have to go = I have got to go = Ive got to go (I have to go, I have to go) - very often used. And in conversation, you can again hear I got to go or I gotta go. All this is again the same thing.

    As already written, the verb get is one of those English verbs that can replace almost any word. But the most common values ​​are:

    get - get (I got your letter - I got your letter)

    get - understand, understand (colloquially) (I didnt get you - I didn’t understand you)

    get - get somewhere, get somewhere (How can I get there? - How do I get there?)

    get - become (Its getting dark - getting dark, getting dark)

    get - get, get (Where did you get it? - Where did you get this?)

    and there are also other meanings. Need to look at the context.

    I am already silent about phrasal verbs, there you have to look at the meaning together with the particle:

    get up - get up

    get down

    get away - leave

    get back - return

    get on - get on (transport)

    get off - get off (from transport)

    etc. There are a lot of them

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