How to transfer gas to Gcal?

How to transfer gas to Gcal?

  • The cost of gas heating is usually calculated by the high cost of gigacalories. And to find out their price, you need to determine the amount of gas consumed in a certain area. To do this, it is necessary to divide Gcal by kcal of gas (that is, the amount of energy released when a cube of gas is burned) and divide by the boiler efficiency (90% on average). The result is multiplied by a million, and you’ll find out how much gas your area’s heating consumes.

  • In order to calculate the amount of gas in Gcal and that is, how much heat is needed to heat and pay the house for its area, you can do it yourself, for which you use the following formula:

    (Number of Gcal) to divide (calorie gas) divide (boiler efficiency) multiply 1000000 = estimated amount of gas in cubic meters (m3)

    number of Gcal how much Gcal we spent or plan to spend on heating, for example a residential building.

    calorie gas how many kcal will be released when burning 1 m3 gas = approximately 8000 boiler or column efficiency for modern boilers it is 88 92% (when calculating in the formula we substitute the efficiency / 100 or 0,88 0,92).

    Download the calculator here at the link:

  • In order to convert gas to Gcal, you need to perform a number of the following actions:

    1) First thing to do:

    How to transfer gas to Gcal?

    2) The second thing to do is this:

    How to transfer gas to Gcal?

    3) Next, do the following:

    How to transfer gas to Gcal?

    Thus, it is possible to convert flammable gas to Gcal.

  • Calorie needs to be known to those who use it in their payment calculations in one way or another, for example, homeowners. This value is expressed in Gcal.

    How to count? do the following:

    • we look at the counter (gas) and record the readings, the cubic meters obtained must be multiplied by calorie values, the average (per cube) - 7,9 thousand Kcal, but they can also rise to 9,6 or drop to 7,5;
    • let's recalculate to Gcal (equals 1 Kcal * 1000000000);
    • check with a calorimeter in case you spend a lot, it happens that the actual does not match the declared one;
    • if there are no metering devices, then you need to make an approximate calculation - the average calorific values ​​are multiplied with the corresponding consumption standards.
  • In order to transfer combustible gas to Gcal, this gas must be burned in the boiler furnace. When 1-th cubic meter of natural gas is burned, approximately 0,0085 Gcal of heat is released. There are also more high-calorific gases. Propane and butane have a caloric value of the order of 0,022 Gcal / m3.

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