Which of the writers wrote about nature?

Which of the writers wrote about nature?

  • I like the most about nature Vitaly Bianki.

    Forest newspaper, a huge encyclopedia about the life of nature and its inhabitants, was my grandfather's favorite book. On cozy winter evenings, we read it together, and so I learned a lot of new and interesting things about the world around me and loved it with all my heart.

    Vitaliy Bianchi Forest newspaper

  • Of the Russian writers, I’ll call Prishvin, Bazhov, Sladkov, Permyak, Bianka, Charushin, Paustovsky, Chaplin, and from foreign writers Bram, Seton-Thompson, Darrell, Harriot, Taylor, Joy Adamson. If you think about it, I can remember more.

  • I will add another writer - one of my favorite authors - Farley Mowt and his famous work - quot; Do not shout: quot; Wolvesquot ;. His observations of the habits of wolves and their life are permeated with such sentimental, tender love that each page gives an incredible aesthetic pleasure. The book is written in such a way that it will be read with pleasure by both children and adults.

  • Many children's writers wrote about nature. Their texts are often asked to read in elementary school. He wrote about nature and Mikhail Prishvin, we recall his stories about the seasons by months, I often re-read it myself, it’s very interesting, I get in touch with the natural world and begin to live in it, I become an active observer and begin to see what I did not see before because I did not know.

    Stories about the seasons are short, and a first grader will master them. For example, such stories by Mikhail Prishvin as quot; The beginning of autumnquot ;, quot; Autumn leavesquot ;, quot; Snowflakesquot ;, quot; Crystal Dayquot ;, quot; Spring frostquot ;, quot; Bird cherryquot ;, quot; Rye poursquot ;, quot; Rye and birchquot ;.

  • Russian writer Prishvin is a classic. Stories for children are very famous. From foreign Gerald Darrell - African flora and fauna. Better not read anything. A lot of amazing, a lot of inimitable humor. It is interesting to read from grade 6.

  • There are a lot of writers who wrote about nature, these are our Russian and Soviet writers, as well as foreign ones. I remember very well from the school curriculum of writers who have a lot of stories about nature. This and Bianchi, Prishvin, Charushin, Tyutchev, Paustovsky. Yes, almost all of them did not forget to write on the theme of nature. For example, Prishvina quot; Pantry of the Sun; recently read and wrote a statement with a child.

  • There are a lot of writers who wrote a lot about nature, listing them all will take a lot of time. Here are some of them.

    B U N I N Ivan A.

    B & A N K I Vitaliy V.

    P A U S T O V S K I Y Konstantin G.

    P R AND SH IN AND N Mikhail Mikhailovich

  • It is probably difficult to find a writer who has never addressed the theme of nature in his works.

    For example, Leo Tolstoy wrote not only a huge quot; War and peacequot ;, but also a short story quot; What is the dew on the grassquot ;.

    Turgenev wrote quot; Notes of the hunter quot ;, Aksakov wrote quot; Notes on fishing and hunting quot ;, Gogol described the Dnieper in such a way that it became the hallmark of the great river.

    They wrote about the nature of Bunin and Kuprin.

    But there are writers who specifically specialize in tales of nature. These are Vitaly Bianchi, Mikhail Prishvin, Konstantin Paustovsky, Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak.

    Boris Zhitkov, Victor Astafyev, Evgeny Charushin and many others wrote a lot about nature.

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