What is freedom and a free person?

What is freedom and a free person? I have no doubt that many have asked this question. It would seem that it would not be difficult for a child to answer this question. However, can you answer it quickly and concisely? 

The question does not seem complicated or intricate, but it confuses or makes many think. All of the people I interviewed were able to answer it without exception. Many of the answers were impossibly simple and straightforward. 

Freedom of choice - what is it

Freedom - Carnal or Spiritual?

According to most, freedom is the ability to do what you want. It is difficult to argue with this, but also difficult to agree. Is freedom really equated only to the banal "wishes" of a person? 

Freedom - this concept is much broader. This is something much more.

Freedom is the ability to live according to your own principles, without making demands on other people to fulfill them. 

What is freedom

Freedom is an opportunity to be realized in any area, an opportunity to find yourself and your place under the sun. 

Freedom is the ability to live based only on your own opinion.

You can endlessly enumerate the meaning and definition of this word. However, when we talk about a free person, we are talking about an internal characteristic of a person. We mean his ability to live, not paying attention to the opinion, or condemnation of other people.

What is freedom of speech

A free person is a person who is confident in himself and in his abilities. He is not afraid to say no, he will not invoke excuses or blame the other for his own failures. A free man is not ashamed of himself and does not feel remorse for his own mistakes.

By and large, freedom is associated with harmony within oneself, with the independence of the spirit, with the absence of fear to show oneself real to the people around.

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