Who won battles Larin against Khovansky?

Who won battles Larin against Khovansky?

  • Khovansky won, otherwise it could not be, everything was on his side, his humor is more vital and is perceived better by most viewers, charisma, and the main thing is the team, which Larin, in turn, does not have!

  • Хованский победил. Пусть и шипилявый, но рифмы слагает быстро и четко. Ему рот просто так не заткнешь — а в батлах это самое важное. Не важно на сколько у тебя остр ум, главное на сколько подвешен язык!

    So he was very quick and almost all the members of the jury gave him a full victory in Versus. It is possible to look in the fact-finding purposes on YouTube, here I do not post this video for the reason that there is a lot of mat and obscene language in it.

  • On the Internet it is written that Khovansky. Yes, and it will be clearer. He is all better Larina. Larin is some kind of stupid, monotonous, not understandable. And Khovansky is the opposite. And, as said above, the humor is better, the team is there.

  • A convincing victory in the Battle of Khovansky vs Larin was won by Yury Khovansky. Despite the fact that Larin's texts differed in some poetic character, while in Jura they were more primitive, but no less interesting from this. As they say, to the point. Rumor has it that Oksimiron himself wrote for Khovansky.

  • While there is no accurate information on this case. Although the battle has already taken place, but no information has yet been clarified. We will follow up on the further development of events.

  • In this battle, Khovansky won. As for me, Larin prepared a good text, but for a feeble-minded public, such humor is too complicated. Khovansky simply tore up the hall with his own humor, it was clear that he was on courage, and that gave him victory.

  • Безжалостно победил Хованский,который не дал шансов Ларину.Их версус смотрится на одном дыхании,две разные личности — quot;пивной Богquot; и quot;интеллектуалquot;.Но литературный юмор Ларина не припал судьям,а вот агрессивный стиль Хованского просто разорвал.

  • Yutube posted a video called quot; Khovansky won Larina on a versusquot; but this is nothing but personal speculation, there was no official information on the network.

    Most viewers support Larin’s side, but I don’t think it will affect the final result.

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