How to return the laptop asus to the factory settings?

How to return the laptop asus to the factory settings?

  • What do the factory settings mean? A laptop is not a TV or even a phone. Computers do not do with factory settings. You can restore the original parameters of the operating system, through quot; parametersquot; if your computer was preinstalled with Windows 10. To do this, you can do this: Start> Settings> Update and security> Restore. And here already choose the option that suits you.

    1. Return the computer to its original state.
    2. Roll back the system to an earlier build.
    3. Start recovery from a Windows image. You need an installation DVD or a bootable USB flash drive (USB drive).
    4. Go to clean install. Again, you need an installation DVD or a bootable flash drive.

    If this is considered the factory settings, then something like that.

    Or if your laptop is not a dozen, but another Windows and hard disk is divided into two sections and there is a backup of the operating system in the second section (on the second hard disk), then you can restore Windows from this copy.

    But personally, I always use more radical methods, just wipe the system completely with the formatting of all hard drives, and install the operating system again from the version I need. If you need the same version that was previously installed, then before such an action, do not forget to attend to information about the product key. But it will be the same as in the fourth paragraph (above). If there is no license key on the laptop case, then the key must be removed from the system while it is still installed. For this you need to download a special program.

    If the pre-installed OS has already been deleted on your computer and Windows is installed with a different version (or the same but again) and there are no backup copies left. Then you can not recover anything. There is only a complete reinstallation from the OS distribution. It is necessary to download the desired image to make the installation disk or USB flash drive and install the OS from scratch. Then activate in any way available to you. Or license key, if available. Or using an activator.

  • Probably a laptop with a pre-installed operating system. In this case, the OS installation files are located in a hidden section. While turning on the laptop, you need to press and hold F9, the computer will switch to OS recovery mode from the hidden partition, then follow the recommendations of the installer. The laptop will return to factory settings. But in this case, all data on the system disk will be lost, so they need to be saved. The OS key may be required, it is on the laptop case. If the OS was supplied separately, then you just need to install it from the installation disk or external media.

  • Let's try to consider this issue a bit from the other side. A person wants to get the factory settings, and not what was installed on the laptop. Resetting is done in BIOS, only in this case, you can get a clean computer. After that, you can install any operating system, if the characteristics of the machine allow.

    If you want to return the operating system to the factory settings, then there are two options:

    1. Make system recovery through a special function (start-up - all programs - standard - utility - system recovery).
    2. Reinstall Windows.

    I will say that the second option is more optimal. It is recommended that you reinstall the 1 system once every six months.

    Before reinstalling, download all the necessary drivers, so that later problems do not arise.

    If you need to install subtleties, write in a personal.

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