How in Photoshop cs6 change the language?

How in Photoshop cs6 change the language?

  • The sun is very simple. You need to open the menu by simultaneously holding down the Ctrl and k keys, then find the Interface menu, at the very bottom look for the Text section, click on it and choose the Russian language, then click on any other menu to check if the settings are saved.

  • In Adobe Photoshop CS6, both in new and previous versions, the language changes in one way. To change the language, press quot; Ctrlquot; and quot; Kquot; they will open the settings, you can also go to them using the top menu, installation-interface. In quot; Interfacequot; there will be an item quot; Textquot; there and change into Russian.

  • Press the key combination Ctrl + K, select the tab quot; Interfacequot; at the very bottom, in the section quot; Textquot; click on the menu UI Language.

  • Photoshop cs6 is one of the best programs for processing computer graphics.

    With it, you can make the photo even more colorful, and with the help of filters, make the image unique.

    But it happens that after installing Photoshop cs6, we see that the program interface is in English that we don’t understand. How to be? It turns out that there is a way out. You need to select Edit, then click on Settings-Interface-Select language (Russian).

  • It is easy to change the language in Photoshop cs6 by clicking the key combination quot; Ctrl + Kquot; and select the section quot; Interfacequot ;, then you need to go through the entire list to the bottom until you see the item quot; Textquot; there you must go and select the section quot; UI Languagequot ;, it is here that you can customize the program language, since all the available program languages ​​will be offered to you in this section.

  • Initially, the new version of Photoshop cs6 during installation comes as standard - English. But not everyone understands and dismantles it.

    And to change the language in Photoshop cs6 is possible.

    In order to deliver Russian or Ukrainian, you need to do the following:

    • in the program itself, press a combination on the keyboard: Ctrl + K;
    • further select the tab quot; Interfacequot ;;
    • scroll through the menu to the very bottom and then you will see the Text item;
    • then find and click on the item UI Language;
    • In the UI Language section you will find all available languages ​​and you can successfully change them to be more convenient for you.
  • To change the language in Photoshop cs6 you need:

    1) Press the key combination Ctrl + K.

    2) Select the tab quot; Interfacequot ;.

    3) Find the section quot; Textquot ;.

    4) In a list called quot; UI Languagequot; choose quot; Russianquot ;.

    Thus, the language will change to Russian.

  • In order to change the language in the program quot; Photoshop CS6quot; in Russian, you need to click on the quot; Editquot; which is in the top line of the menu, then hover the mouse over the line quot; Preferencesquot; and click on the line quot; Interfacequot ;. In the menu quot; UI languagequot; You need to select quot; Russianquot ;, that is, Russian, then save the changes and restart the program.

  • Just a few steps will help you change the language in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

    At the first stage it is necessary to press the combination of two keys quot; Ctrlquot; and quot; Kquot ;, which will open the menu.

    Select the second line from the top called quot; Interfacequot ;.

    Further, in the section quot; Textquot; in the upper field we will set the language we need.

    How in Photoshop cs6 change the language?

  • Such a program as Photoshop cs6 initially provides exactly the English language in its interface. However, the transition to Russian is possible. For these purposes, first of all, press Ctrl together with K. Next, go to the Interface tab and select Text here. And here choose the desired language from the UI Language menu.

  • If you like to work with photos (process them), then a program called quot; Photoshop cs6quot; just for you. Only, the Russian language is not always installed in this program by default (and it’s not possible to work with the program completely).

    You need to install the Russian language.

    To do this, first click on the key combination quot; Ctrl + Kquot; and, thereby, the menu opens.

    Next, select quot; Interfacequot; and in the opened tab we find the quot; Textquot; - item quot; UI Languagequot; (and the language is English). Click and select Russian (Russian). Save the changes and you're done.

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