How to become popular at Ask. fm?

How to become popular at Ask. fm?

  • To gain popularity on Ask, you need to do daily mailings to other participants in the project, i.e. come up with a good interesting question and ask it to others. A proven way is to like the records that are on the main one. And the easiest way is to buy popularity.

  • It is necessary to draw attention to yourself, but only with positive activity, kind pictures and answers, so that you do not inadvertently offend anyone with comments, then subscribers will be interested, they are always drawn to the positive, and they, the subscribers, will arrive.

  • You need to show yourself, to attract attention, for example, to answer questions from other people, not anonymously, so that they can see you and, if possible, will answer your questions and, over time, popularity will come.

  • To grow in popularity in Ask. FM need to increase the number of subscribers. Accordingly, your materials should attract attention, be remembered, be original. You can also post links to Ask from social networks, where you already enjoy popularity. The more time you spend communicating, the more friends you will have.

  • 1) Take

    2) Become

    3) Congratulations !!!

  • How to become popular on

    Quite simply, subscribe well, put a cool ava, change the background to a more cool one.

    And do the following:

    I want to add a lot of popular people to my friends, for example 1000 a lot and start sending questions to them, and not anonymously and pathetically.

    Change likes and questions.

    And a month will pass as you are already very popular on

  • It is necessary to win popularity, she does not come. The more subscribers you have, the more popular you will be. Spread on the page original statements, preferably rarely occurring or own compositions, please subscribers with new photos and interesting comments. Post photo jokes and verbal jokes. Ask questions with a tuck. lead an active lifestyle in the social network. To be popular, it must be kept under control all the time. Therefore, every day you are on your page, then popularity will come faster and in larger size. The more you see and know, the easier it is to find your unique style.

  • In order for your page to be popular, you have to choose one of two things: either make your own person interesting, so that you are really interested in your life and answers, or you can subscribe yourself to subscribers and those who ask you through exchange of questions: arrange mutual subscriptions with other users or order subscribers on the bush.

    But all this will not make sense if the questions and answers on your page are uninteresting, then they will simply get tired of reading them all)

  • Popularity on is achieved in the following way.

    It is necessary to ask questions and answer them in an original way, without dullness.

    Your avatar should immediately be evident and be memorable.

    You need to be popular in the VC and then post your links to

    To be sociable and have a lot of friends.

  • To become popular in Ask. fm, you must first be popular on VKontakte, then place a link to your ask and your fans will write to Ask. fm, because in Asuke they can ask you something anonymously.

  • Popular on on Ask. FM can be in the following ways:

    • Answer the questions in an ordinary way and ask them the same way;
    • Set yourself a memorable avatar;
    • Earn popularity in VC and place your link to Ask there. fm;
    • Communicate more and add new friends to yourself.
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