Where are the photos from Skype stored?

Where are the photos from Skype stored?

  • In Skype you can also find transferred photos or audio files. In order to view them, you will need to go to drive C and there in the folder where your programs are usually installed to find a folder with the name of Skype. In this folder there should be a folder named Pictures where your photos are stored.

  • All photos and videos that you get via Skype are automatically saved on the hard disk C. On this disk you need to find the Skype folder and there is a picture or Pictures. You can change this path when you save, in the window write another folder. For finding you can use the search, if you know the name of the photo.

  • Very often, when registering and configuring the program, users specify a tricky way to store files, and then they ask themselves, where are stored photos from Skype.

    By default in different systems photos from Skype are stored in different folders, usually in the Pictures folder in a Skype profile, such as SkypePictures, or in User Documents. If you cannot find the folder, it is better to make the settings in Skype and in the future it is easy to find photos. To do this, you need to enter the program, then to Tools, then to Settings and Change avatar. Here you can specify the path to save the avatar and all subsequent shots.

    Where are the photos from Skype stored?

  • To find a photo from Skype, you need to go to the folder with the same name, with the installed program, there you will find the Pictures folder.

    It also happens that the photos are stored in the "My Documents" folder. There you will also find the "quot;; Skype folder ;.

  • If you mean those photos that you sent via Skype, they are stored at Skype -> profile -> Pictures. Anyway, I have a computer so. She herself searched for a long time where they were going.

  • You save the photos that are sent to you on Skype automatically to the C: hard drive: Documents - Admin - Application Date - Skype - Pictures. You can change this daddy in the settings of Skype itself and make it on any drive.

  • We used to use Skype (Skype) not only for correspondence, but also for the transmission of audio recordings, video recordings, pictures (photos).

    To see all the photos that we did during the video chat, just go to:

    Where are the photos from Skype stored?

  • First we go into the program itself, which should be placed on disk C.

    Then we look for a folder named Pictures, the photos should be there.

    You can specify the location of the photos in the program settings.

  • All photos you receive from your interlocutors in Skype are stored on your computer on drive C. The final save folder in which you will find your photos is called Pictures, and the address of this folder is this:

    Where are the photos from Skype stored?

  • A folder with photos from the "quot; Skype; is located in the folder of the program "; Skype; on the C drive (usually) or often the photos are in the "quot; Images; on your computer in the "My Documents" folder; or "My images".

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