A delicious snack: baked peppers with nuts, dry-cured meat and cheese - recipe

This recipe will definitely help out when you want to cook something original and simple. We propose to twist baked peppers with miniature rolls, and put nuts, cheese and some delicious dried meat in it.

For 8 rolls you will need:

  • Xnumx medium sweet pepper;
  • 8 hard cheese slices;
  • 8 slices of cured meat (sliced), you can also take cured sausage or bacon;
  • a handful of walnuts (about 50 gr);
  • 8 thin arrows of green onions;
  • balsamic sauce at will.

How to cook baked peppers - recipe

1. Rinse the peppers and whole (do not need to cut) bake until dark peel in the oven. Let the vegetables cool, then peel the skins and seeds, cut each pepper in half. You will get 8 halves.

2. Grate each slice of cheese in a separate portion - they should be 8. Chop the kernels finely. Distribute them in portions of cheese, mix.

3. Serve the slices of baked peppers with cheese and nuts on a plate of dried meat.

4. Twist the rolls and grab each one with a thin feather of onion - it turned out very nice!

5. Arrange on a flat plate and serve the original appetizer to the table. From above, if desired, you can sprinkle rolls with balsamic sauce.

Note: so that the “arrows” of the bow do not tear when you knit the rolls, scald them with boiling water from the kettle, they will become elastic.

Pepper snacks - recipe with video

Baked sweet pepper rolls

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