Sugar 8-9, diabetes type 2, how to reduce it with products?

Sugar 8-9, diabetes type 2, how to reduce it with products?

  • Instead of sugar, it is necessary to use its substitutes, such as aspartame and xylitol. We recommend drbnoe food every two hours using the following products: buckwheat, blueberries, fresh cucumbers, cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke, beetroot, potato and beet juices, radish juice. Should exercise physical activity, because nat. load reduces glucose.

  • Control the amount of XE (bread units in food), consume little (or better to completely eliminate) fast carbohydrates, sweetness, confectionery, sweet fruit, semolina, rice (white) cereal, sugar, and so on. In general, if the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus is set and the glucose level is not reduced by diet, then hypoglycemic therapy is prescribed, tablets or injections. This is a very serious disease !!!

  • Familiar with the disease, unfortunately, is not hearsay. Recently, I myself jumped so hard that I didn’t know how to let it go.

    To begin with, that 8 - 9 mmol / L glucose (sugar) in the blood is very high, especially if it is on an empty stomach. It’s not always possible to just lower the numbers by feeding only by changing the diet. Therefore, before applying anything, it is better to consult a doctor.

    Regarding nutrition, you can safely apply everything fresh, sour, sour - sweet, not greasy. From sweet and sour, I now buy apples, I eat not a lot at once, but fractionally.

    You need to eat fractional, do not forget, you have a broken pancreas, it does not cope with digestion. What really helps:

    1. To exclude completely sweet, white bread, a lot of fruit, especially sweet, since fructose also increases sugar!
    2. Power must be fractional !!!
    3. You need to eat brown bread, drink 1% kefir, mineral water.

    Thus, it will be possible to reduce sugar, but you will have to drink the drugs, as I repeat again, pay attention - 8, 9 mmol / l is very high!

  • Best of all it is Jerusalem artichoke, in common people an earthen pear. It contains natural penicillin, which reduces the level of sugar in the blood. Of course, in addition to the products still play sports (jogging, fast walking). And no matter how absurd it may sound, but positive emotions are also a good means of lowering sugar.

  • According to the norms of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in a healthy person, the level of fasting blood sugar (at least 12 hours after eating) should be no more than 6,1. Through 2 hours after eating no more than 7,9. Endocrinologists say that a person suffering from diabetes, i.e. not healthy, can maintain sugar levels just over 6,1. Up to 6,7-6,9.

    With type 2 diabetes, diet (in the first place) and physical activity (in second place) are very important and in third place is the mandatory intake of medications prescribed by a doctor.

    Therefore, your question can be posed in another way: which foods should be discarded in order to maintain the proper level of sugar in the blood. There is no need to talk about sugar - this is a clearly forbidden product, as well as sweet pastries. However, not sweet from wheat flour of the highest and first grade, too. so that rye bread, rye-wheat with the addition of 2nd grade wheat rye flour. Menu without pasta and dough products (dumplings, pelmeni), without rice and millet, processed cheeses, which contain sugar, without sausages, etc. You can not grapes and raisins, bananas, prunes.

    You can not fatty meat, fish, buckwheat, barley porridge, a lot of vegetables. Sour-milk products, low-fat hard cheese ...

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