Snack recipe - Sandwich cake

It is nice to watch at the gala table and taste the original, mouth-watering appetizer in the form of a sandwich cake. This dish is hearty, it looks tempting, short in cooking. Sandwich cake will be a good help to fed up salads.

This interesting dish is perfect for a picnic, school breakfast, lunch at work, for a snack when watching your favorite movie.

Required Products: 400 gr. wheat loaf, 150 gr. sausages or ham, or mixtures thereof, 100 cheese or feta cheese, 100 gr. sala, 1 boiled egg, 50 gr. butter.

Cooking sequence. Divide the wheat loaf in half along and remove the crumb, leaving it on 1,5-2 see. The crumb is rubbed on a grater.

The necessary products - ham, sausage, feta cheese or cheese, bacon, butter, egg, grated crumb - squeeze, grind with a meat grinder. Stir the resulting mixture, put it in the empty halves of the loaf. Connect the halves, wrap the loaf in thick paper, put in the refrigerator. When using, cut the cake into thin slices.

The contents of the mixture can be changed depending on the availability of products.

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