Chicken soup with young cabbage - an easy and healthy first course

Dishes with young white cabbage are not only tasty, but also healthy. A vegetable is a source of many vitamins, as well as potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, fluoride. 

With young cabbage, any food will turn out to be tender and appetizing. Don't miss the opportunity to cook delicious cabbage soup with young cabbage.

How to cook chicken soup - recipe

This dish comes out nourishing and at the same time low in calories. It can and should be eaten if you are on a diet and want to improve your immunity and appearance. Cooking is very simple.

Ingredients required (6 servings, 1,5 hour time)

  • half chicken for broth;
  • 4 small potatoes;
  • 500 gr of young cabbage;
  • 2 fresh tomatoes, larger;
  • 1 carrot, you can also young;
  • 1 Bulgarian. pepper;
  • 0,5 bunch of young onions and 1 head of a common, onion;
  • 2 tooth. garlic;
  • 30 ml grows. oils;
  • 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice;
  • salt pepper.

Cooking cabbage soup - recipe

1. Cook a clear broth from half of the chicken soup. By time 1 hour. Add salt to your liking at the end of cooking and add one peeled onion.

2. Simmer for another 10 minutes with low heat.

3. Peel potatoes, cut into cubes. Send to broth. But before that, take out half of the chicken carcass, remove the meat from the bones, cut large pieces.

4. When the potatoes are in the broth, cook the cabbage soup for another 7-8 minutes. Then toss the diced carrots into them. Next is the Bulgarian pepper - chop it into cubes too. Return the meat to the cabbage soup. Cook for another 10 minutes.

5. Simultaneously simmer fresh tomatoes in a frying pan (cut them into pieces) along with chopped garlic. Add to the cabbage soup. Pour in lemon juice immediately.

6. Finally, place the chopped young cabbage into the pot. Let it simmer for 8-9 minutes - and you can extinguish the stove.

7. Pour the aromatic cabbage soup into plates, sprinkle portions with young, finely chopped onions. If you don't like it with onions, replace it with any other greens, it will be very aromatic with parsley. Bon Appetit!

Chicken cabbage soup - recipe with video

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