Frozen Berry Raspberry Liqueur - How to Make

In the raspberry season, many housewives probably sent healthy berries to freeze - for storage until winter. From stocks you can make a delicious liquor that you can indulge in on holidays.

The drink turns out to be sweet, viscous, delicious in taste, which manifests itself especially well if you add ice and a stick of cinnamon to it when serving.

How to make Raspberry Liqueur

Homemade raspberry liquor can be a great ingredient for a variety of aperitifs and cocktails. For example, on New Year's Eve you can add it to champagne, and you get a taste that you no longer expect - it's real magic! BUT make homemade liquor very simple.

You will need:

  • 2 stack. water;
  • 2 stack. Sahara;
  • 800 gr frozen raspberries (cook with fresh in the summer);
  • 1 / 4 stack. lemon juice;
  • 6 stack. vodka.

How to cook raspberry liquor - home recipe

How to cook raspberry liquor - home recipe

1. Pour raspberries directly from the freezer (thawing is not necessary!) In a jar. Squeeze the prescribed rate of juice from the lemon. Top up the vodka. Gently mix with a spatula on a long handle.

2. Close the jar and put it in a cool and dark corner for a week. Important complete lack of sunlight!

3. Further, according to the recipe for homemade raspberry liquor, add sugar syrup to the jar for the second week: mix portions of water and sugar, heat, stirring constantly, but not boiling. When the syrup has cooled, ferry to the berries.

4. Homemade liquor from frozen raspberries, mix and leave in the same place for another 2 weeks. Do not forget that the can of the drink should be shaken - once every two days will be enough.

5. Now raspberry liquor is filtered twice through a triple layer of medical gauze and poured into a beautiful bottle. The magic drink is ready!

We hope that we fully answered the question - How to make raspberry liquor from frozen berries, if not - watch the video recipe!

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Homemade Raspberry Instant Liquor

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