Why does the Megaphone SIM card stop working?

Why does the Megaphone SIM card stop working?

  • 1 SIM card of a megaphone can be blocked if it has been inactive for more than two months, 2 if this card has been blocked by the user, 3 if there is a lot of debt on this SIM card 4 just glitched the phone (you can try restarting it or checking the SIM card on another phone).

  • Most often, such problems are associated with a weak signal from the operator whose services you use. My friends have one place in the apartment, where the phone does not catch well. If in different places you have a network to catch in different ways, then Simka is not at it.

    Although it happens that SIM cards are the source of the problem.

  • In your case, the matter may be in weak contacts on a SIM card, or simply in your places it is not good for your operator to communicate. Ask other people if they catch a megaphone. If you really need this particular operator, then buy a new SIM card. However, the case may be in your phone.

  • Faced with a similar problem on Megaphone and Beeline. I think the carrier does not play a role here. Just a SIM card, most likely, produced from poor-quality material, which affects the duration of their service.

    Еще один вариант ( у меня так с рабочим телефоном) — в здании очень толстые стены и сигнал проходит не от всех операторов. Здесь все наоборот — Билайн, Мегафон ловят отлично (может, антенна находится где-то рядом), МТС же не ловит совсем. Только если подойдешь вплотную к окну. А у всех сотрудников, как назло именно телефоны МТС. И еще нюанс — quot;старыеquot; телефоны 90-х годов ловят лучше новых.

  • The quality of SIM cards is about the same for all mobile service providers. And stamp these cards in some factories. Even in some shops. Communication depends on the quality of the signal in this particular case. For the signal of the cellular operator may be different in power in different areas of the same city (region).

    There were funny cases when during a sea holiday, in one of the protected areas of our vast country, when SMS had to be sent from the highest hill of this place. And that, only one of the operators. The rest of the SIM cards were deaf and blind.

    Так что, разбираться с сигналом нужно индивидуально. В каждом случае — отдельно.

  • 1.Many quot; thingsquot; over time fail. Sims Megaphone is no exception. Are demagnetized.

    2. Noticed that smartphones demagnetize even faster. I also have Android4.

    3. For the first time, SIM had to be changed when the old phone was changed to a new one, and that is to say on a smartphone that simply did not see the old card.

  • I had the same situation. But I changed the SIM card is still working fine

    As for the network (I also have a megaphone), the Internet works just disgusting, I do not understand why I pay money. I called the company, they say that they are doing some work. I think this is just an excuse.

  • Дело может действительно быть в сим-карте, но не всегда — чаще всего просто до вышек есть определенное расстояние и много помех — потому и связь — то есть, то пропадает. И все же quot;Мегафонquot; страдает некачественными сим-картами по многочисленным отзывам в сети.

  • The forums also actively discuss this issue. Many experienced and knowledgeable people write that these are all low-quality SIM cards. That is, the material is cheap and can not cope with the elementary load. So you are not guilty here.

  • Sim card stops working because Megaphone Such is the lousy quality of their SIM cards. I’m familiar with your situation when I changed SIM cards in the salon for the second time in 4 months, an employee told me my question- quot; Why SIM cards are not active and often fail ? quot ;, replied, that there are subscribers who almost once a month exchange, and the phone has nothing to do with it.

  • Try to restart the phone, contact Megafon to fix the problems.

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