What is the country code of Russia for Aliexpress?

What is the country code of Russia for Aliexpress?

  • The Russian code is indicated in the international format generally accepted + 7, and then enter your mobile phone for Aliexpress. The country code of Russia can be viewed in the format, how to type correctly and what other regions belong here.

  • Buyers of products on Aliexpress know that when making an order on this site you need to enter a phone number with the code of your country. When writing a phone number, customers from Russia must indicate the Aliexpress country code 7.

    What is the country code of Russia for Aliexpress?

  • When making purchases on Aliexpress it is really required to enter a phone number and it is really required to enter a code. So you are required to enter your mobile phone, the only thing that is important to know is that you need to start entering with + 7.

  • Just when you make an order on the Aliexpress trading platform, enter your number in the phone field, and start entering your phone number with + 7, and then all the other digits as usual, so in principle there are no difficulties.

  • Russia code for any phone calls + 7. That is, for Aliexpress, you should enter your cell phone number not with the usual eight, but with + 7. By the way, the same format is used in almost all forms when registering on the Internet, so there is nothing new in this. There is only one code in the list of telephone codes of regions of the world, namely + 7 belongs to only two countries, Russia and Kazakhstan, but the territory that this code covers is simply huge. For a mobile phone, no region code is required to enter any more, because the range of numbers from 900 to 999 is also reserved for Russia.

  • But there is no such long-distance code now, just indicate your phone number, the number starts with seven, now they live in the world with cellular communications, all operators have their own zones. When you indicate the number seven, then the operator code, the system itself will determine the country code.

  • But I haven’t written the code at all. Just quot; 963 (operator code) ... and thenquot; and never had delivery problems. Basically, this phone is needed so that our mailers can get through to us, if that. And here, at least through +7, at least somehow - you will get through. By the way, they called me from the post office several times, with information that the package had arrived.

  • The country code of Russia for Aliexpress Express is 7. This number is the very first when dialing the rest of the number, so e is immediately visible. First comes the country code, then the region, and then the phone itself. This is not only for Aliexpress.

  • 7 - code of Russia. It is introduced without pluses and minuses, just 7, as it is! 🙂

    Then enter the next three digits - this is the beginning of your phone number.

    Well, and in the third line the remaining 7 digits :)


    : 7 912 3456789

  • In the international format, it is necessary to indicate + 8 instead of 7 when dialing a phone number, and also, if you are purchasing goods on Aliexpress, then write the code + 7 (instead of 8) and then enter the digits of your phone number.

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