How to call the hotline of the Russian Post?

How to call the hotline of the Russian Post?

  • At the "Russian Post"; there really is a hotline phone number that can be made by all citizens who wish to make calls. Here, citizens can clarify intersexing questions and, at the same time, make any comments on the operation of the mail itself. So this is the number:

    How to call the hotline of the Russian Post?

  • If you have any questions related to sending, or receiving a parcel, or have complaints, then call the mail hotline.

    The Russian postal number is 88002005888, if you call this number, the dispatch office will automatically transfer you to the regional customer service.

  • Sometimes I use mail services and, frankly speaking, I often face dastardliness on the part of employees, there was a case when I came an hour before closing for the parcel, I was not given it, motivating it by the fact that they no longer work and generally have a small salary (as if I were to blame for this).

    In general, I'm not a vindictive person, but I got hooked right here, so I was not too lazy to go to the site and find out who could complain, which I did with great pleasure. The next day, the employees were polite and good-natured, so they got a stash.

    But now, back to rude and I'm already thinking of once again tinkling where necessary.

    The phone is like this 8-800-2005-888.

    By the way, it should be in a prominent place and in the premises of the post office, so that people can see and know where to go, if that.

  • You can call the Russian postal hotline and talk with the operator, find out and discuss your problem by phone: 8-800-2005-888.

    By this phone, you can not only ask the question you are interested in and make suggestions on improving the mail service.

    How to call the hotline of the Russian Post?

  • Hot line of the post office of Russia- 88002005888. You can call this number in the following cases:

    How to call the hotline of the Russian Post?

    I once used this number. Polite girl, quickly answered, the problem was solved. So, you need to call the hotline if you have any questions.

  • I myself asked, I remember, such a question. After all, the well-known fact is that the Russian Post is not working perfectly, there are a lot of problems that citizens face when carrying out postal items. Number by which you can try to resolve the issues: 8-800-2005-888

  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise quot; Russian Post; has two "hot phone"; to communicate with citizens.

    For general questions and quality of service in post offices, as well as suggestions on the work of mail, you can refer to the number 8-800-200-58-88. And on tracking mail items quot; EMS Post of Russiaquot; you need to call the number 8-800-200-50-55.

    Both phones are working around the clock, and calls to these numbers will be made free of charge from the territory of the Russian Federation from any phone (all cellular operators or stationary).

    The Cooll-center operates on these phones, and specialists will answer any question.

  • Yes, to call the hot line at 8 800 2005 888, it’s not difficult to get through and they always answer, but they still can’t answer plainly. The Russian Post website has the same information that they respond. And the packages from the call do not go faster anyway. Just a lot of pensioners work at the post office for scanty work - that's the whole movement.

  • On the official website quot; Russian Post; the phone number only support services 8-800-2005-888. As a hot line phone it does not appear, but for the lack of such, this one can be considered similar.

    There is also a section quot; Helpquot; - Perhaps there you can find the answer to your question.

  • Of course, I do not really believe that you can be helped by the hotline of the Russian Post, but probably to lower the steam, it still works. Call 8-800-200-58-88 and another phone quot; EMS of the Post of Russiaquot; 8-800-200-50-55. Calls are free and the phone works around the clock.

    How to call the hotline of the Russian Post?

    How to call the hotline of the Russian Post?

  • FSUE Russian Post opened a federal free phone of the 8-800-2005-888 hotline, according to which Russian citizens can ask a question or comment on the work of the postal service.

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