Easter children's craft in the form of a paper egg

This Easter craft made by children is a nice addition to holiday souvenirs. Adults are preparing to celebrate this bright holiday by purchasing food in stores, inviting guests, but children also dream of taking part in the preparation. 

Children's crafts for Easter

They will be happy to make small souvenirs for their relatives. This tutorial shows you how to make an Easter souvenir in the shape of an egg. The egg is decorated with all kinds of elements that imitate a bird's nest, a fluttering butterfly, sparkling rhinestones.

Materials for creating an Easter craft:

  • beautiful design paper with a picture;
  • oval cabochon;
  • White paper;
  • the gel pen;
  • cutting down a butterfly;
  • rhinestones;
  • satin ribbon;
  • thin cord or twine;
  • gel glitter;
  • white beans or plasticine;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

How to make an Easter craft in stages

1. Cut out the base of the craft from a beautiful design cardboard with a picture. Make an egg-shaped detail. This form is relevant, since we are talking about that holiday when Easter cakes and painted eggs come to the fore.

The first stage of the craft - we cut out the base

2. The finished paper egg must be decorated. For this, you can use all the materials listed above. 

Take a piece of thin satin ribbon and glue it across to the egg. The color of the tape can be any at your discretion. Form a small ball of string or twine that will imitate the bird's nest.

Glue the satin tape to the base

You can also add real twigs, feathers and other materials here. To make miniature eggs, use white plasticine, but freeze the finished parts in the freezer, or use white beans.

3. Glue the nest to the satin ribbon, glue the eggs inside. Cover the eggs with glitter on top. Wait for them to dry.

Making an Easter Egg - Stage Three

4. Take a special cabochon that will serve as a decoration for the inscription. Write “Happy Easter” or other congratulatory greeting on white paper with gel pens, glue the inscription on a beautiful base. 

You can also print the inscription. Attach the caption to the top of the egg.

We make a congratulatory inscription - Setloy Easter

5. Decorate the craft with half beads, a bow made of ribbon and half beads, attach to any free places you wish.

Decorating the Easter craft with beads

6. Attach the butterfly cut at the top. An interesting craft is ready for Easter.

the final stage of the Easter souvenir
DIY Easter eggs - egg-shaped fridge magnets

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