Who will replace V.V. Putin, when will his presidency end?

Who will replace V.V. Putin, when will his presidency end?

  • Let's count together. In this period he will rule another four years, then the next six-year term will begin. It turns out another 10 years of presidency. During this time, a lot of water leaks, and with it the first persons in politics, which is now in the first roles. Many are already old and will not be suitable for the role of a new national leader by age, but some people already seriously perceive them, and they have already played their part. Most likely closer to hour x there will be a completely new face, which will be promoted to the main role. I repeat, for such a long time it is very difficult to guess who will remain in the cage.

  • After the presidency of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, he will also stand in his place. I explain that now he is again in the first term, so he can run for the second term and I am more than sure that he will become president again.

  • Again, if you read the old Optinsky elders, then after the rule of Putin the communists will come, the persecution of the church will begin again, well, then like a carbon copy 30-40gg, first persecution, and then famine and a bloody war. Russians, like fools, do not remember stories. Lenin, and then Stalin began to persecute Christianity, when fried it smelled, Hitler was on the threshold, they started holding religious processions in Moscow, immediately went the turning point of military events, in the positive direction of Moscow

  • This term of the presidency of Vladimir Putin ends already in the distant 2018, because now in our country the president has been in power not for four, but for 6 whole years. So far, despite all the problems in the foreign and domestic policy of the Russian Federation (jumps in the ruble exchange rate, rising prices and inflation, rising social tension), people's confidence in Putin has not decreased. And he himself once said that he does not exclude the possibility of running for the next term.

    If he is re-elected president, then he will stay on as much as 2024, and already there will be a lot of water flowing out and 100% will be new faces in the political arena. Therefore, it is difficult to make forecasts now.

    Who will replace V.V. Putin, when will his presidency end?

  • The presidential election in Russia will be held in 2018. I think Putin will agree to them and, accordingly, will become president of Russia for another 6 years. That is, in 2024, we are likely to hear the new name of the President of Russia. According to the latest gossip, Putin’s receiver is the governor of the Tula region.

    Who will replace V.V. Putin, when will his presidency end?

  • In 2018, Putin’s presidency will end and if no one worthy appears before this year, then V.V. Putin will again become president (well, who else to choose?). There are two more years until 2018, so it’s too early to give names, and so far there are none.

  • Vladimir Putin is now, as it were, again in the first term as president. He has real opportunities to participate in the elections in 2018 and win them. His authority is quite high both in our country and abroad. If he has everything in order with his health, then so far no successor will be needed.

    If we compare the activities of President V. Putin with his predecessors of recent years - Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Brezhnev and others, I would say that he is one of the most adequate presidents of our country. There are probably those who are dissatisfied with his decisions, but under the conditions in which our country is currently in trouble, any president would have both supporters, so dissatisfied with his policies.

    And the names of V. Putin’s successor, even if he is re-elected in 2018, no one will name now, especially if this happens in 2024. But a holy place is never empty.

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