How to collect LEGO?

How to collect LEGO?

  • Usually a child and an adult give vent to fantasy, building from Danish Lego various modifications of cars, robots, houses. Here are some of them:

    How to collect LEGO?

    How to collect LEGO?

    Houses from Lego turn out fabulous

    Having bought Lego, you can get acquainted with the instruction, where the variants of design are painted or include fantasy. It will be interesting for the child to then draw the constructed if he goes to art school.

  • The LEGO constructors are a wonderful tool for the development of the child, because, in addition to the development of fine motor skills, it allows you to wake up the spatial imagination and the ability to synthesize the general from the separate.

    Question, how to collect LEGO, usually occurs at the first glance at a large number of details, which, it would seem, are not connected in any way. However, it soon becomes clear that all these parts fit together perfectly.

    But, before collecting LEGO, it is better to get acquainted with the instruction and carry out the first assembly on it. What you should get as a result is usually depicted on the box. As a rule, it is proposed to collect several different designs from LEGO parts. And only then, when, in the process of training assemblies, it becomes clear what each detail is needed for, it is possible to use LEGO for the implementation of their own developments.

    How to collect LEGO?

  • It is possible to use the instruction trivially and to collect on it, but I think for the child it can quickly get bored. Therefore, you can include imagination and collect robots, cars, locks, fortresses as you want.

  • LEGO are educational toys that are kits for assembling a wide variety of constructor items. The most common are small bricks, there are also other details from which you can assemble buildings, equipment, robots, etc.

    The video below shows the assembly instructions. LEGO robot:

    And here you can see how to collect racing car:

    Below you can see how to assemble from the Lego constructor scorpion:

  • To assemble the LEGO constructor is a very exciting matter. If before it was collected only by children, now you can meet adults who are happy to collect small cubes and parts in various kinds of cars, airplanes and robots.


    How to collect LEGO?


    How to collect LEGO?


    How to collect LEGO?

    In general, from Lego you can invent and do a lot of interesting things. You can do the instructions, but you can include your imagination. To decide only you and your children =)

  • How to collect LEGO

    It was a small selection of commercials

    How to collect LEGO

    recorded by children.

    The selection includes video:

    • How to collect LEGO sports car;
    • How to assemble the LEGO engine;
    • How to collect LEGO chair;
  • Usually, if there are no instructions on how to assemble a lego at hand, the child turns on his imagination. Here my son takes out a box with numerous details from Lego, and collects cities, cars, but what only his imagination comes to. Here is a link to build a sports car -

  • Lego can be of different configurations, for example there are parts for assembling weapons:

    And from ordinary parts, even Kalashnikov assault rifle can be built, AK74:

    Or let's say a bullet:

    Here is the assembly instruction for the turret:

    Interesting military equipment can also be built from the details of the Lego:

    And here is the well-known BTR:

    Or even a UH-60 helicopter:

    And even a plane, MIG-29:

  • How to collect LEGO?
    How to collect LEGO?

    Children have long grown up, but I remember those times when I was sitting with my son, at home, at the car. We must teach the children themselves, explain a couple of times, then they themselves begin to fantasize, you can even take pictures from the Internet.

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