What is the book "The son of the regiment?"

What is the book "The son of the regiment?"

  • What is the book "The son of the regiment?"
    What is the book "The son of the regiment?"

    Vanya Solntsev was found by scouts in the forest, he is an orphan, the soldiers took him to him, fell in love, treated him like his own son. He became the SON OF THE REGION. A VERY INTERESTING TURNING ROUND PLOT OF STORY, SOMETIMES FUN, SOMETIMES SAD. This is a software school work and it was possible to read it just in the summer, during the 3 months!

  • This is a story about the fate of the orphaned boy Vanya Solntseva, who was picked up by soldiers during the war and left in his regiment. It tells about the relations in the regiment, about Captain Enakiev, the corporals Bidenko and Gorbunov, about how the boy was first wanted to be sent to the rear, but he fled, about how he became a scout, how he was captured, how he was interrogated by the Germans, how he managed to escape and get to his. Very interesting, fascinating, written in a simple language book.

  • Like this:

    main characters: Vanya Solntsev, Sergeant Egorov, Captain Enakiev, Corporals Bidenko and Gorbunov, gunner Kovalev.

    Сюжет: during the Great Patriotic War, soldiers of the Red Army pick up the orphan boy (sun bathing), they give him the nickname of postures. Since Vanya is very young, the captain orders to send him to the rear, but he does not want to go and therefore runs down the road there, after which he goes back to the regiment, he meets Enakiev for the first time, the boy liked the commander very much, and so he decides to adopt him, t his entire family died during the war, including his little son. Returning to the regiment, Vanya becomes a scout and in one of the intelligence services he is captured by the Germans. But it is released due to the projectile that fell on the very same blend where it was kept, freed, Vanya saw his own and then the unaccountable joy enveloped him. In the future, there is another meeting between Vanya and Yenakiyev and then the fate of "Quiet"; again changed with the speed with which the fate of man in war changes. From that day on, Vanya lived with Enakiev, who wanted to raise him himself. The captain seconded him to the first gun of the first platoon as a spare room for the boy to get acquainted with the best gunner of the Soviet Union, Kovalov. During one of the battles, Enakiev and Kovalt were killed, and then the boy's fate changed again, he was sent to Suvorov school.

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